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    Let’s see some POWER WAGONS!

    Thanks much! Ordered!
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    Let’s see some POWER WAGONS!

    Who makes the engine bay plate? I haven't been able to track one down.
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    HeliNomad RAM PowerWagon Build

    Would you go the Rambox route or with the traditional bed if you were buying the truck again?
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    Trooper "Torque on Demand"?

    Just picked up an 01 Trooper w/TOD. 160k and damn near everything works. Needed trans rebuild but for $2700 I expected as much. Wish you could by a new vehicle this size with this much room and capabilities for moderate off roading.
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    2018 Titan XD Pro 4X

    What kind of mileage are you getting with the gas motor? I have a 17 XD Diesel, average seventeenish empty
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    DECKED Truck Bed Storage System Test and Review

    Any chance one of you guys with a topper installed with the decked system can give me a measurement of the space from the deck to the roof? Where I live I need to haul my trash to the dump in two or three smaller Roughneck cans and need to know if they will still fit. Thanks in advance.
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    Vehicle research - school me on Titans....

    I have a 17 XD diesel, same config you are looking for. Pretty sure a Pro 4x package will be what you are looking for due to having a locker. I get why you may be avoiding diesel, but might be worth taking a look at a gas XD. Better tow platform and you still get a 6.5ft bed. After 8k and a trip...
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    2017 Titan - Non XD Axle Specs/Parts

    I hear ya Nomad. Had to give up on the garage with my Super Duty and XD is just as big.
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    2017 Titan - Non XD Axle Specs/Parts

    Any reason why you are avoiding the XD? Little off topic but just curious. Good luck getting useful tech from a dealership btw. They suck.