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    New All Terrain Tire from Nokian, Outpost AT

    I bought a Grand Cherokee Trailhawk recently and I think my next set of tires on it will be Nokians whenever the house-brand Wildpeaks wear out. I had some Nokians on a daily driver a while ago and I really enjoyed them. It also helps the tire shop closest to my house sells a lot of Nokians so...
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    One Piece Body

    I agree with Mike, I think you'd be better served by a standard 4WD van than by custom building something, considering the end result and the expense. Vans are proven and have plenty of factory, aftermarket, and community support, while a custom one-off would have none of those things. If you...
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    My 2006 GMT800 2500 Auction Find...

    @dvn4life1972 I averaged about 13.5 mpg on my recent trip, keeping the truck around 70mph on the interstate. I usually run my Toyo AT2s at 40psi for road trips, and my typical tactic here in S. Idaho is to find a semi going around 70mph and cruise control behind them. I'm not sure how much...
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    My 2006 GMT800 2500 Auction Find...

    I'll try to calculate my mileage on a road trip next week. If I hit double digits I'll be amazed.
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    285/70R17 or similar "33 inch" pure winter tire

    Another vote for Hakkas. I had a set of Blizzak tires one winter, and they were fine, but the Hakkas I had made snow and cold weather basically a non-issue.
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    Lighting Changes Coming

    I think the easiest solution would be to standardize a headlight switch. In my car, the switch has four options - Automatic, OFF, Parking Lights, ON. I leave the switch in Automatic, but I've had the car returned from service with the switch in the OFF position before. Even in OFF, the DRLs and...
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    Aftermarket front/rear bumpers: Yay or Nay

    You could split the difference and see if someone offers an aluminum bumper option. It'll cost more though. For me, I'm planning on some steel bumpers but I fully admit a big part of my desire is the look, and I'm not too worried about the weight because I have plenty of payload for what I do.
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    Lets see some full size pictures...

    @SubSar, I'd love to see a writeup on how you made those Molle panels, I've been thinking of doing exactly the same to my rig. Those look really clean!
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    2012 Suburban 1500 LTZ 5.3 LMG (I think) motor swap or.... >:) ?

    I don't envy anyone shopping for a new truck right now. Sure you can dump a lot of money into fixing an old truck, but it's the devil you know versus the devil you don't. If you can swing a new truck you'll probably like it better, but I'd budget for suspension upgrades on either of those...
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    2012 Suburban 1500 LTZ 5.3 LMG (I think) motor swap or.... >:) ?

    Depends on your budget. If you like the truck, I'd swap in a fresh(er) 5.3 and replace interior bits as you go along. What do you want to do with the rig? Dedicated long term overlander? Weekend warrior? I wouldn't count on a new Avalanche being comparable in capability, I'd guess they'll be...
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    Tire Poke

    I have 235/85/16s on my Yukon, on stock wheels, and they fling mud like nothing else down the side of my truck. I need to get some flares.
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    Regular cab short bed 1/2 tons

    The Fords use the same cab shell for F150s and Superdutys, so anywhere a 3/4 ton won't fit, a 1/2 ton won't either. It's also hard to get them with any sort of towing or payload package, so you're almost to midsize territory on those numbers too. That said I've been keeping my eyes peeled for a...
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    The 5th (ish) Gen Ram HD love/hate thread

    My 300 has the 5.7 with MDS, and every now and again I'll notice when it's in eco-mode, the sound grabs my attention and makes me think something's wrong until I see the little green light on the dash. Not a huge fan of it but not enough to spend the money on a delete kit yet.
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    2009 F550/1989 Dodge Hybrid

    You're a mad man. I dig it.
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    2003 F250 Expedition/offroad build....

    I liked it with the flares and the OE headlights and grill, but it's your truck and you should do what you like with it. Cool build! I almost bought a similar truck before I ended up with my Yukon but it didn't have AC, which is a no-go from me.
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    anyone remember Kodak....

    I took pictures of a trip this summer on a Nikon F2 that predates me by about 25 years. It was given to me by my boss, who bought it new. It's a special camera and I really enjoy it. I've got enough rolls now to send off to the lab, since there isn't a lab local to me anymore.
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    F350 Grille/Bumper Guard

    It might be worth looking around for a used SuperDuty Ranchhand guard and fabbing your own mounts. Probably going to be easiest once you have the truck and can take measurements.
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    Hella 4000 Rallye - Xenon, Halogen and LED questions

    Candlepower forum has good information, but keep in mind that they are VERY strict on following regulations/laws/OEM specifications. I'm not sure how much you'll gain by going there unless you want information about complying with those various laws and regulations. Baja Designs LP9 and LP6...
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    Lets see some full size pictures...

    @ExpoMike , what lights are those on the grille guard? I've been looking into some round driving lights about that size for my Yukon.
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    Shaking at 70+ mph

    My 01 Yukon XL 2500 is doing the same thing, and I believe it started around the time I had the whole front end refreshed. I intend to have the tire balance checked (they're only 4000 miles old) and rotate them, but I did notice some uneven wear (probably due to driving on worn out front end...