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    NT 5X8 Aluminum Trailer?

    that's a pretty light frame. why the need to upgrade the axle? especially if you're not rock crawling, etc... are you adding the 6" to cover the tires? I think I saw your post on another forum as well....
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    GFC Topper 15+ F150 6.5ft (not the camper) Boise, ID

    where are you located? What's the size of the topper? or the vehicle it's made for...
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    Front profile preferences- flat or angled?

    If it doesn't extend up above the vehicle, either, but the box looks a bit too "square." (pun intended :) ) Too much like a cargo trailer. I prefer cutting off the front corner for aesthetics - it give the trailer a "direction." ....just my preference....
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    5x10 Teardrop Camper Virginia Beach. VA.

    Are you listing this for sale? If so, you may want to move this to the "For Sale and Wanted" forum. This Forum is typically for build threads, etc.
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    Whatever you're comfortable with....that's the minimum.
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    Well, its 2 Heavy, 2 Wide (80") and 2 Tall but I got plates for it today....

    The journey is part of the experience. Well done! you have much to be proud of with your build.
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    Battery charging in trailers

    Are you using a 7pin connector from the vehicle to the trailer?
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    2021 Patriot Campers X3

    The Patriot trailers are premium products at $50k+. Market will be smaller - but there is a market - and it may take a while to sell - but will eventually of luck!
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    Buyer beware - MVT Offroad

    sorry for the frustration and loss. Yeah, I joined the same club a couple years back. I've learned that the lowest or "best" price doesn't mean I'll actually get the product. I'm OK paying more for the peace of mind. MVT has come across my feed on IG. You may consider posting a warning there too.
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    Asking price question for camper conversion

    The trailer looks to be in good condition...especially on a 37yo trailer, but I can't see the frame. Being in Indiana may work against you since they build a lot of trailers there. Look up what new costs and list at 50% and see what kind of response you get - as mentioned above. Best of luck!
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    Custom built M416 inspired expedition/off-road trailer - $7,500

    Nice work! Are you sure you want to sell it?
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    back again...expo trailer 2.0

    just looked through your previous build thread...not sure why you're asking for input...I'll be asking for your input :) nice build! Are you trying to do something different? what were the shortcomings of the previous build? The fact that you can weld opens up options quite a bit.
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    PNW Brand Liquidating rooftop tents, awnings, bed racks, and recovery treads.

    maybe Seattle, WA....that's what's on the website. Assuming the warehouse is the same....
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    2022 Boreas Eos

    I believe the price is at the end of the first paragraph, but I didn't see location.
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    Tandem Axle Bespoke Overlanding Trailer Build With VW Suspension (picture heavy)

    Nice build. very creative. Where did you source your RV access panel doors from?
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    1947 Bantam "Adventure Trailer" - *SOLD* does not seem to exist. does, and there's a picture of your trailer, but not additional ones as mentioned in your original post.