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    Pelican verses Zarges

    FWIW, I've had both both Pelican and Zarges cases. I prefer the Zarges cases for overland duty. (The Pelicans are now used in the garage for storage – mainly - I should probably sell them.) Don't get me wrong, if i was carrying the cases on the roof and expected I might roll the truck down a...
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    ARB Simpson III Review

    Overlander, FWIW, we've used our Eezi-Awn many times when the mozzies were thick. Like any tent, ingress/egress will let them in, but otherwise, I've never had the problem you suggest. Perhaps it's more of a talking point and an actual issue? dm
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    Eezi Awn Series 3 1200 Roof Top Tent Questions

    Here’s another trick. BEFORE collapsing the tent, I fold the mattress in half on the fixed side of the base and carefully spread the bedding and/or sleeping bags on top of the folded mattress. This method insures everything inside is at a uniform height and eliminates all sliding of the...
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    Early Winters camping gear

    Yup, I remember… Actually, I believe Early Winters used Gore-Tex in at least one tent BEFORE the release of the Light Dimension. I bought an Omnipotent from their shop in Seattle in the mid 70s. Back then, they had a small space on Queen Anne Ave. with their sewing machines in the...
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    After Market Seat Warmers

    That's an excellent point - particularly for a soft top owner. We routinely get in and out with wet waders while fishing without troubles - then again, I have seat covers so that might help a bit. I'll have my widow let you know if there's a problem
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    After Market Seat Warmers

    I assume you are considering "electric" seat heaters. If so, yes I installed a pair in both front seats. It was made/marketed by Check Corporation ( - the model I used included pads for both the bottom cushion and seat back and was very easy...
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    Where did you mount your Hi Lift jack?

    Indeed - if the driving environment is likely to damage a jack mounted to the bumper, it might be worth relocating the hood and fenders elsewhere, too.
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    new Trimble Yuma tablet computer

    Per Tripod, MSRP is expected to be around $4,000.
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    Water Can

    Ditto - the ability to completely clean out the inside is a great feature if the cans are ever used to hold "questionable" water that is later filtered into a clean can. Also, the Scepter MWCs are so easy to pour from, I've never bothered looking for a spout.
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    Garmin Nuvi 500 preloaded with Topo and City

    After chatting with a couple Garmin reps at the local Sportsman's show, it appears that the 550 might be a pretty cool set-up. Combining the 550 (which is preloaded with NA street maps), Garmin's TOPO U.S. 24K DVD (at the moment, only the West and Southwest are available on DVDs, but more sets...
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    Garmin Nuvi 500 preloaded with Topo and City

    OK, now I'm really confused. I wrote the above comment based on the following email I received from Garmin in late December: ---------------------------------------------------- Thank you for contacting Garmin International. The GPSMAP 620 does not contain a high sensitivity receiver. If you...
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    Garmin Nuvi 500 preloaded with Topo and City

    Note, just like the 276C, Garmin has failed to see the full crossover potential with their 620 and 640 by not utilizing a high sensitivity receiver (ala sIRF, et al). Not a big problem, I guess, if you don't use it around tall skyscrapers in big cities, in deep canyons, or in heavily forested...
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    Extracting Cars from Snow

    I'm wondering if tie down points are really appropriate for tow or tug purposes? I know they "can" be used, but I'm wondering if the "should" be used. I had always understood the factory tie down points on most modern vehicles were intended soley for securing vehicles to pallats/trailers, etc...
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    camp stove for 4

    Kerry (or, anyone else with this problem) - try using a heat diffuser. These are available at any good kitchen store (approx. $10-20) and work equally well at home or camp to tame the flame. In a pinch, an aluminum or cast iron griddle will achieve the same results. Works great on my Cook...
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    catalytic heater in tent; WILL I DIE???

    If the heater doesn't work properly with the bottle upside down (and, I suspect that will be the case) you should be able to plumb a hose from the heater, run it across the support and down the side of the tent to your 1lb bottle...
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    Partner stove ?

    Thanks, guys, I kinda figured that would be the case. I wouldn't monkey with the pressure regulator as it's much easier to reduce heat than to increase it. And, you're on the right track with the spacer idea. FWIW, most commercial kitchens have the same issue and the preferred solution is to...
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    Partner stove ?

    >> Has anyone else found this to be the case with Partner's current production units?
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    Post Pics of your Defender

    The "guy in the disco" slept on a cot under the stars - more comfortable than our roof tents, much less cost, and a fraction of the set-up time. (Well, truth be told, 25-30 knots winds blasted him with sand one night and mozzies might have been an issue a few nights...other than that, he was...
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    Pett Potty Review

    We used to use a Luggable Loo. It definately worked well and is all you really "need." That said, I found the size and shape awkward when packing so we upgraded to the Pett. Must say, the Pett is much easier to pack (both in the truck and garage) and the accessory carry bag keeps everything...