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  1. ExploringNH

    Cooper STT Pro for my LR3

    I run 37" Cooper STT Pro's and I love them. They have been to Rausch Creek and to many other off-road adventures and they have held up great, don't stop me from making any obstacles and have warn incredibly well for such a rugged tire. I get my tires through NTB and I always buy the service...
  2. ExploringNH

    Off Grid Trailers Overland unit..

    Wow, an overlanding trailer is in my future for sure. So sexy.
  3. ExploringNH

    Who will buy Jeep from FCA?

    In a few years I would love to own one of these or at least a Brute. I love the pickup truck option in a Jeep. Unless I could find somebody to convert mine over to a pickup truck. Hmmm, now the wheels are spinning.
  4. ExploringNH

    ExPo's 2000 7.3 Excursion Build

    This is going to shock some people but...I didn't carry a spare. Getting it out of the cargo area is a huge space saver. As you said though, there aren't many options for other places it can go. Roof is terrible and a tire hitch gate adds cost and reduces departure angle. Custom rear bumper is...
  5. ExploringNH

    ExPo's 2000 7.3 Excursion Build

    Oh yeah, I forgot the absolute most important modification for the Excursion. You MUST NOT continue until you have done this... Rear fold down table!!
  6. ExploringNH

    ExPo's 2000 7.3 Excursion Build

    The 50 isn't as bad as people make it out to be. It's fairly stout and will handle 35's without any problem. I ran 37's on mine and wheeled it VERY hard with no problems. Like you said though, 38+ is pushing your luck if you wheel hard. To me, the biggest benefit of going with a newer D60 is a...
  7. ExploringNH

    Bleeding power steering tips?

    Maybe a damaged seal from install inside the pump? If air bubbles come out sometimes, does the fluid level ever drop enough that you have to add fluid?
  8. ExploringNH

    Pro's and con's of mounting RTT below cab height?

    The most frustrating part of a RTT on a roof is setting up all the spring rods for the windows. It's frustrating on a good day and dangerous on a bad day standing on slippery door sills, tires, and bumpers with wet muddy boots. I had the chance to use a tent mounted about 6" above the bed rails...
  9. ExploringNH

    CVT Summit Series discussion

    The Summit series is really nice. I'm glad that it is now offered in gray. The lime green was a little too attention grabbing for my tastes. :sombrero:
  10. ExploringNH

    ExploringNH's 2000 Ford Excursion build

    I ended up doing some body damage on a trail at the end of last year. It required replacement of both passenger side doors and some serious bodywork on the rear quarter. Combined with the other dents, it was going to cost too much to fix and I couldn't drive the truck anymore and lead trips with...
  11. ExploringNH

    Midland MXT100 GMRS Mini Review

    I too was really impressed with the Midland units. I've grown so sick of CB radios over the years that I only list them as backup communication for any runs or events that I lead. It seems like every single trip that 25% of the people end up with CB issues, usually due to improper installation...
  12. ExploringNH

    First Post - Newbie question about using DC and converting to AC

    I think most people would run a DC fan, either battery powered or plug in. Anytime you convert from one power source to another, in this case DC>ac, you lose efficiency. There are plenty of DC fans out there that cost the same as a small converter as well, so cost isn't really a concern. Do...
  13. ExploringNH

    Delorme Gazetteer Storage?

    Another vote for the Blue Ridge Overland Gear holders. They are great. I got tired of stuffing the Delorme's between the center console and passenger seat and having the corners get all ruined. Now they all go in the bag and the bag goes between the seats. It fits perfectly.
  14. ExploringNH

    Winch extension: ARB strap or Synthetic Amsteel Blue

    X2 on all of the above points. The rope packs smaller and lighter which is the largest benefit for me. My recovery gear takes up a lot of space and the gear bag is heavy. Anything to reduce that weight and space is great. I also think that the rope is the more versatile option.
  15. ExploringNH

    Roof rack finish

    I've had great luck with Rustoleum Hammered Finish spray paint. The key is great prep work and the right conditions for painting/drying/curing. You need to make sure that the rack is absolutely clean and free of any oils. Use a good primer and follow all the directions. The Hammered finish paint...
  16. ExploringNH

    Urgend help requested!!!

    I don't have much to offer aside to say that Ashcroft is familiar and comfortable with shipping there. I had them ship me stuff there and in Panama and they were good about it. I hope you do find one locally as it gets expensive to ship one in. Another option that you may have already...
  17. ExploringNH

    Winch switch/circuit breaker option (Warn 9.5xp, 482A max load at 9500lbs)

    Keep in mind that you don't need to be at full load to stall the winch (max amp draw). You can stall it much easier if you have several wraps of rope on the drum. Just something to think about if you plan to never pull max rating. It can happen more than you expect. Also for switches that...
  18. ExploringNH


    Stickers? That's my thing. Haha. All done by me.
  19. ExploringNH

    Maxtrax vs TRED vs Tracmats vs X-Trax vs X-Jack

    This is generally what I see with TRED. My MaxTrax have been going strong 2 years and dozens of uses in all types of conditions. I would estimate that nearly 300 vehicles have passed over my set of MaxTrax. One event alone saw 30 vehicles over them through a tough ice section. They made some bad...