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  1. Nullifier

    2020 Patriot Camper SOLD

    still available? I am in Tampa area not far from you.
  2. Nullifier

    M116A1 Turn Key Trailer Set Up

    how tall is the trailer with the tent mounted?
  3. Nullifier

    SOLD 2017 Borderlands Outpost Trailer

    How tall is it with the tent packed up?
  4. Nullifier

    TWO different sized FlipPac Camper shells for sale

    What size tires? how tall is it with the tent folded up?
  5. Nullifier

    1996 Tacoma project

    Truck is Pending Shipping arrangements.
  6. Nullifier

    1996 Tacoma project

    Well time has come. I have owned this truck for along time and did an extensive build. I took it apart years ago and have just never been able to prioritize the time to get back to complete it. Truck is currently disassembled. It will come as a project but will be an awesome rig for someone with...
  7. Nullifier

    SOLD For Sale: 2015 Latitude Everest II Camper Trailer

    How big is the storage area in the back of the kitchen Trey. I assume that spot is for the fridge. Is there 12v power inside for a fridge to plug into? I have an engel 60 hoping that's a fit.
  8. Nullifier

    Wtb Howling Moon XT Trailer Tent

    I am located in Tampa, FL area but would be willing to ship or pick up on my way out west in 4 weeks.
  9. Nullifier

    FS: Eezi Awn XKlusiv 1800 Roof Top Tent, with Drop Room $1500

    Doesn't the 2200 have 2 ladders?
  10. Nullifier

    Alu-Cab Explorer Canopy for short bed Tacoma

    Getting ready to order one for my ZR2. To bad it will not swap over to mine! GLWS
  11. Nullifier

    1997 Land Cruiser......Sold

    Stock wheel are in Tampa with me. I suppose getting,them swapped could be sorted. Mog is like every other 80 series bad. Probably 12ish give or take. I have not really evercalculated the mileage. However this is not a long distance commuter unless u have an unlimited fuel budget. Dropping it...
  12. Nullifier

    1997 Land Cruiser......Sold

    Not yet still available.
  13. Nullifier

    1997 Land Cruiser......Sold

    last batch original body panel stickers.