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    1941 Dodge Power Wagon, 1988 Range Rover

    Thanks for spreading the word!
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    1941 Dodge Power Wagon, 1988 Range Rover

    Hi all, too many projects and some need to go to fund others. I'm also loosing my ability to store them so I must let them go ASAP. Both trucks have clean california titles, PNO with no back fees due. Both are projects, the rover would be a great parts truck for a rrc or d1 build. Arb locker and...
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    beginner bike, suggestions?

    Be carefull not to knock a "bigger" bike for seat height. That CRF has a seat height of 34.7". The Husky is 35.8". For comparison, pre '08 KLR650's have a 35" seat, and a DR650 comes stock at 34.8 with a factory option of 33". The bigger displacement machines are a bit heavier of course, but...
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    Mondo Sahara

    Can't wait! Disappointed they didn't go with their original title though, Mondo Ali Bongo had a nice ring to it.
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    How do you make Mead?

    To keep your bottles from exploding, just make sure you've fermented pretty dry. Also, yeasts tend to release more SO2 and H2S in fast fermentations at higher temps. A longer fermentation at the lower range of a yeast's temp range will result in a product with less molten sulfur nose and will be...
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    Looking to buy my first motorcycle, need opinons. *Finally bought one

    As long as the compression is good, it should have plenty of life left in it. A good friend's dad used to ride one 80 miles each way every day to work, 2up with his wife. Throttle pinned needless to say. Sold it after a few years still running fine. Also, who says you can't hit any trails? The...
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    Ventless heaters

    As long as you never run it while sleeping, the ventless units are perfectly safe. The buddy heaters are great, especially if you put it somewhere where you can turn it on in the morning without getting out of bed. Vented, battery free units exist, but pricey. I know you wanted to avoid...
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    Looking to buy my first motorcycle, need opinons. *Finally bought one

    Whatever you end up getting, don't let the bike cost cut into your gear cost. Figure out what a basic helmet, jacket, pair of pants and boots, and some gloves will cost, and factor that into your bike budget. Pick up a copy of Proficient Motorcycling and Chris Scott's Adventure Motorcycle...
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    Pictures of Expedition Motorcycles

    Ok, I've gotta know.. Where does one find Kilgore with a martini on an ADV sticker?
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    My 66 Unimog 404 Cartography Truck

    Looks good, make sure to find some short stem tubes for the 9.00's
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    My 66 Unimog 404 Cartography Truck

    I got my tires from Hundy too, he sent me to a shop a town over where the guys mounted them by hand for $40 each. They probably know better now.
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    Carrying DSLR gear on XR250?

    I carry my DSLR in a Maxpedition gearslinger type pack, it is comfortable enough while riding and designed to be spun around on it's one strap so you can get into it without taking it off or getting off of the bike. I have carried camera gear in a Pelican 1520 tailbox while road touring, but...
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    My 66 Unimog 404 Cartography Truck

    External coolers have been fitted to 404 transmissions, but its added complexity for less than a huge gain. Temps with GL-4 should be around 230, definitely keep it under 250. The Amsoil synthetic claims to provide protection to 300 degrees, by which point a conventional would totally break...
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    My 66 Unimog 404 Cartography Truck

    Who did you go through for parts if you don't mind my asking? As far as the clutch, these trucks just don't seem to be too hard on clutch parts, probably because of the relatively low torque at the crank and high reduction ratios throughout the drivetrain. You seldom have to slip the clutch off...
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    My 66 Unimog 404 Cartography Truck

    These trucks are normal negative ground, so just figure out which lead has continuity with the chassis and that's your ground. Does your radiobox have it's own batteries?
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    My 66 Unimog 404 Cartography Truck

    These trucks are great, but they come with their own headaches. The throwout bearing will likely be a big one. You may be able to get to it without totally pulling the cab, but seperating the tx from the engine made me rethink my mog ownership. Being a stubborn bastard, I pulled the cab, engine...
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    Show your Thumper!!

    Fireflyr, is that an old GPSMAP 76? I've got one ziptied to my handlebars that is over 10 years old. They just don't quit!
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    Show your Thumper!!

    Still low on DR650's.. I quit buying farkles and spent my money on tires and gasoline.
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    Considering a Bike - Suggestions?

    As a new rider, I've been having a blast on my DR650. Cheap, cheap parts, simple to work on, etc. I have under 2k invested in my bike as it is, while avoiding the "big 80's dirtbike look" that no one seems to care for. Oh, and it has enough power to keep up on the superslab in the big cities...
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    Building a 2008 Kawasaki KLR650 for Overland Travel!

    What's up with the conspiracy nowadays anyway? Bike looks great, I've been spending some time on a thumper myself. Are you going to haul that thing out to Desert RdV? Gas how it is, I might just leave the mog at home and head out on the DR.