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    Identify this gun tool please

    Choke wrench carbon scraper and punch combination
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    Pof revolution

    Handled one of the pistons today. I'm seriously debating getting one. Anyone have one? Any experience?
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    Any IDPA shooters here?

    Exactly I don't give them any care because I want them to jam.
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    Any Handgun Hunter on here?

    I am though I don't currently own what I would consider to be a true hunting rig atm. That being said if taken quite a few animals with my glock 10mm.
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    9MM Pistol for bear protection?

    Fun toy but not a great bear gun. The problem is 45/70 is a rifle round a pistol doesn't have enough barrel to get a full burn of the powder. Ballistics would be on par with a hot 45lc.
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    Any IDPA shooters here?

    I run my idpa glock with scherer mags so I can get better practice on clearance drills under stress.
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    Coyote(s) with mange....what to do?

    A bullet would be a lot quicker and less painful than letting nature take its course. Personally I'd put out some meat to let them have one last good meal.
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    Laws Regarding Aggressive Animals

    I will treat a animal just like a human if I think you are a real threat I'll take my chances in court. Granted that level will lower depending if my daughter is with me or not.
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    Got a new 9mm

    Hard to go wrong with a cz. Congrats.
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    LugEr pistol

    Decent gun. A little temperamental on reliability if they get dirty or aren't maintained properly. If it's a 9mm ammo is everywhere. If 30 luger not so much. If we are talking 2 legged animals either caliber is fine if we are talking four legged not a good caliber. A good caliber for both is...
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    Sling shot?

    Anyone else carry one? I keep one in my pack. Great for harvesting a rabbit or squirrel for the stew pot. Small light easy to carry.
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    Concealed Carry - What Have You Got?

    Been looking at chest rigs for a while how do you like it? Currently just have a falcon of some sort. I really need to get rid of some holsters. Its getting hard to keep track of them all lol.
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    Hunting Knife Options

    I don't know what your price range is but one of the best that I have found is a vulture cholera
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    Concealed Carry - What Have You Got?

    It really varies depending on what I'm doing and where I'm going. G 26 to ruger Alaskan in 454.
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    The "Expedition hat" thread

    Best I have found is tilley hat. Double strap keeps it in place. Lifetime warranty. I wore one for years sailing around the world.
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    General gripe

    I remember when North Face wasreally good stuff now it's just overpriced fashion swag for people that don't spend much time out in the woods. They still make some good stuff but generally make crap. Mountian hardware seems to be heading in that direction. I don't mind spending good money on...