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    Replacement Exhaust and Catalytic Converter Options on 1998 gen 2.5 SOHC

    Looks like at least one of my cats is on the way out. Gas mileage has been below average and I get an occasional code. I've looked but can not find any information on whether deleting the Y-pipe cats and going to singe cat is feasible with keeping the O2 sensors and computer happy. Has anyone...
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    Airbag Recall Letter from Mitsu

    I was able to complete the airbag recall at my local dealer; in and out in 30 mins with a new driver's side airbag!
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    Airbag Recall Letter from Mitsu

    Buyback for one and two because I'd like the safety equipment in my truck to be functional and not potentially dangerous.
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    Airbag Recall Letter from Mitsu

    Anyone have any information on airbag replacements from Mitsubishi North America? I tried calling their recall office and was told "soon" last month. Not ideal to not have an answer since it makes me hesitant to put any money into the truck.