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    Question about driving heavy vehicle in EU

    We have just travelled in our 18t MAN 4x4 from Poland to Turkey. It is registered in the UK, but we are Australians. Main issue was the different requirements for road tolls. Try to buy "one" smart box that does all EU countries. I forget the name of the company, sorry. Varying costs in each...
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    Mercedes 1222A.. The beginning!

    thanks for that
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    Mercedes 1222A.. The beginning!

    great stuff on the hidden ladder, got any pics of how you fabbed it up, especially the lock?
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    Driver's license for BIG trucks

    Hi Felippe, did you but it directly off zTeleflow? I am looking at the stand alone unit, thanks
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    Build your own Fuso FG6 4x4 based camper/overlander!

    That mirror looks great and what a great idea. So it was just "chrome spray"? Like from a can? Cheers. Ps great thread
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    So was it a worthwhile mod? Notice any increase in power? Any significant extra noise in cab with windows up/ down? Cheers
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    FG 84 getting stuck in reverse

    That would be great, thanks. I notice you have updated your location from Cairns :)
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    FG 84 getting stuck in reverse

    Txs Gait & Kerry Doesn't grind going in reverse. Tried pumping clutch-seems ok. Treid fwd gear last time, no issue going fwd so thought no issue going in reverse- but i was wrong. Yeah only happens after sitting and then not again till it sits again. There is an access hole so good idead with...
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    FG 84 getting stuck in reverse

    Hi all hoping to find some help/ideas here as the Fuso dealer option are running out of ideas & the costs keep going up. The truck 2011 fg84 Problem: when i put it in reverse after starting up it literally shoots backwards 5ft even with foot still on clutch. So far had new clutch,pressure plate...
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    stuck between a truck and a truck and a truck

    Hi my monroes need to be replaced soon - is it possible to get part numbers assuming it is an fg84? Where did you source them from? Cheers
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    stuck between a truck and a truck and a truck

    Firstly concur with ski freaks comments. Having come from a 100 series myself ( still have it) to a Fuso Canter fg84 4x4 they are really like chalk and cheese. Mine has the super singles, parabolics and standard seats but will be putting in aftermarket seats - just not a stratos - had one in my...
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    NPS71 300 - won't stay in low range

    Lucky you have those trained bikini clad mechanics on hand ....
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    Fuso SRW options

    Hi alan what tyres are those? Cheers
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    Isuzu FTS800 build

    Hi, Santa was kind enough to get me a set for xmas - certainly look and feel like the goods- have not tried them yet. Dont wont to get them dirty :) Alan on the portal sells them from Melbourne and i reckon he can freight them virtually anywhere. Cheers
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    Only in Australia

    Glad i bought one of these- just in case i run into a mad forklift driver!!! Or actualy roll it. Like the protection it gives the cab as never thought of that- now if only they made a BIG container i would be totally content
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    Electric front diff lock for canters now available..

    Hi alan - are they basically a bolt on job in simplistic terms? Out with the old and in with the new? Do you require the old diff centre in exchange? Cheers Grant
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    Electric front diff lock for canters now available..

    Hi Alan great news for aussie engineering. Can you post/pm more info pls?
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    FGs for sale

    The other one was still on Gumtree yesterday