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  1. Desert Dog

    Show off you Laptop/Tablet/GPS mounts please

    I used to screw / glue / velcro navigation gear to the dashboard but after they kept on falling off, I came up with a 'nav bar' which attached to the handles on the A pillar. I then use Ram mounts to mount all the gear to. First photo is my Nissan Patrol, second is my Fuso:
  2. Desert Dog

    Trouble sourcing Fuso FG parts online

    The UAE is the land of the Canter... You won't find any on-line companies but parts are plentiful and relatively cheap. If you know what the part numbers for the items that you need, I may be able to help.
  3. Desert Dog

    What is the point of Expo graphic wraps?

    I wrapped it so it didn't look like a bland delivery box type truck thing. ;-) Plus the fact that it was cheaper than painting. to change....
  4. Desert Dog

    Mitsu Fuso Camper examples

    Progress at last! Interior fit-out will begin soon...
  5. Desert Dog

    4d33 engine turbo
  6. Desert Dog

    4d33 engine turbo

    Try Turbo Glide and / or Superior Turbos, both in Australia.
  7. Desert Dog

    Unimog U5000 DOKA - One Piece Composite Box

    August hopefully. ;-)
  8. Desert Dog

    Unimog U5000 DOKA - One Piece Composite Box

    This is the first box that we have produced - a one piece 50 mm wall & roof with an 80 mm floor. All the bulkheads have been bonded in which saves a great deal of time with the fit-out.
  9. Desert Dog

    Mitsu Fuso Camper examples

    Mine is progressing slowlet ....
  10. Desert Dog

    High output alternator

    These guys do alternators for Fuso's: I provided them with the manufacturers part number (found on the alternator) and they came up with the following: A couple of dimension checks later and I got the quote...
  11. Desert Dog

    High output alternator

    10 days later, numerous e-mails and a follow up call. Still nothing. :-(
  12. Desert Dog

    High output alternator

    I contacted them and still waiting for a response which hopefully I will get on Monday. :)
  13. Desert Dog

    Tuning a fuso any experience with

    That is very interesting Cameron. How did he do the upgrade? Via an OBD tool?
  14. Desert Dog

    Corbeau Seats in a Fuso FG83C

    I spent a lot of time researching seats for my truck and it appears that there are only a couple of manufacturers who make something with seat squabs that are low enough. I ended up purchasing a pair of Corbeau RSS seats which are suited for the Land Rover Defender. They aren't suspension seats...
  15. Desert Dog

    Fuso FG83C Front Bumper Ideas (Non winch)

    The hitch receiver is not a bad idea at all. It would be a ‘just in case‘ addition which wouldn’t be hard to do.
  16. Desert Dog

    Fuso FG83C Front Bumper Ideas (Non winch)

    Not trying to solve a problem, just throwing it out there for ideas that can be incorporated into the design. It needs to be strong enough and at the same time give maximum clearance in case of it being nose down in a ditch.
  17. Desert Dog

    Fuso FG83C Front Bumper Ideas (Non winch)

    I'm currently in the mock-up stage for the front bumper of my Fuso. I don't want the complete bull bar set-up which is commonly seen and will not be having a front winch (rear winch only). I have scoured the web for ideas and there doesn't seem to be too many other images out there. Anyone got...
  18. Desert Dog

    More on FUSO suspension seats

    Commercial Vehicle Group (CVG) acquired Bostrom Seating in 2011. KAB Seating, National Seating and Stratos are all part of CVG. I discovered all this whilst trying to find seats for my FG Fuso Canter. Bostrom customer support was operated by a 13 year old who managed to avoid all my questions...
  19. Desert Dog

    Update on build

    Very nice Cameron. I'm just getting quotes together before I push the button on a new 2018 Canter Fuso so watching this with interest.