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  1. cwsqbm

    Big custom camper sightings

    Just west of Albany, NY in a rest area (those monster propane tanks are on the trailer next to it...)
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    +1 I could see the described product costing $1 million to have built. Labor costs add up really fast, and quality work isn't cheap (look at the costs associated with custom cars if you think that sounds insane). Look how much a normal Earthroamer costs once options are added, and they're not...
  3. cwsqbm

    The Original EarthRoamer. New ER2K Owner With Some Show and Tell

    The ER2K is the size truck I want. It reminds me of a super-sized "Super Camper". The closest production model is a XP camper, but I want a permanent hard top for winter camping.
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    Camper Thermal Engineering for Extreme Cold & High-Altitude: Arctic Antarctica Tibet

    For insulation purposes, a thicker ceiling is better. The floor won't get solar exposure for heat, and is slightly protected by the truck chassis and storage boxes for cold. The reason a particular box may have a thicker floor is that the floor is also has to be a minimum strength to support...
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    Do I Feel Lucky? The "Ooh, That Could Have Been Nasty" Thread

    My "luck was with me" story centered around a flat tire. I got a finger-sized hole in the center of the rear tire, while going around a gentle bend on the freeway at 80mph. The tire went flat in seconds as the steering got heavier and heavier and eventually took me onto the left shoulder just...
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    New 1000cc BMW adventure bike

    OK, my first post was meant as a joke. BMW wouldn't be dumb enough to build a inline-4 based adventure bike. Or would they? Meet the new (and real) 160 hp S1000XR: link to BMW website for more info. Stuff like this makes me almost believe in psychic powers.
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    New 1000cc BMW adventure bike

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    Thinking out of the box, verything is in a box!

    The simple answer to most any question of this type is "follow the money." Since none of the ideas are really new, there reason you don't see many of them mass produced is that those with the will to build things think they can make more money doing something else. If you really want it, build...
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    TerraLiner:12 m Globally Mobile Beach House/Class-A Crossover w 6x6 Hybrid Drivetrain

    Nothing worse that stating on the internet "I have a high IQ". As for pressurization, I wouldn't try it for a ground vehicle. Ignoring the structural issues of the design, the amount of energy necessary to do it to any significant degree for a camper would mean a decent sized engine would...
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    Sportsmobile Cut-a-Way Body @ Overland Expo

    Sort of nice that it looks like a van for the stealth campers and those that need their campers to be pretty. However, if you've got to build a complete body, straight side walls like an ambulance or box truck give a lot more inside space and open up the option of a bed sideways that can fit a...
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    Are Earth Cruisers & Co. overpriced?

    People confuse "too expensive for me" with "over-priced". Earth Cruisers are priced according to their very limited production and complexity, not to mention that they are new and not used vehicles. There is no one right answer for everyone, and saying "my choice is better because...." is...
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    Big Rig Expedition Vehicles for RTW travel

    As much as we dream about driving around the world in one vehicle, its not always the smart economic decision especially if you're trying to be comfortable at the same time. Instead of spending years and mega-bucks to build one vehicle to do it all, you'd be farther head to fly from country to...
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    C5500 TopKick 4x4 Crew Cab Build

    It depends on where you're measuring. Things like awnings (as long as less that 3" out) and mirrors (and other safety items) don't count. Still, a body width over 96" is technically restricted to certain routes, but few states enforce it. Most modern RVs are close to 102" in body width.
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    Ever Use these guys: ??

    They're common in the high end diesel pusher motorhomes. You'd probably find plenty of users on RV forums such as
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    Inside Shower in a TC without an inside shower???

    I hate page references, because we don't all show the same number of posts per page. Better to link to the post #.
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    Inside Shower in a TC without an inside shower???

    A square base would give more room for your feet. Also, you're not going to use much water in a quick shower so the drain isn't important if the tub is deep enough (and adding a drain to any tub would be easy). Sportsmobile sells a shower like that for its vans that don't have built-in...
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    Global Expedition 2012 Turtle for Sale

    A picture and price would help.
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    Sportsmobile vs. XP Camper -- Why the XP Camper Won For Us

    A fair number of small pickups (not sold in the USA) with crew cabs have the rear wheel right at the back of the cab. Do a google image search on "Hilux Crew Cab".
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    Cherokee Trailhawk vs. Grand Cherokee Laredo

    Do you want a vehicle that shares a platform with a Mercedes SUV, or with a Dodge Dart that in turn is based on some Fiat product? I'd take the stripped Grand Cherokee over a loaded Cherokee, because most base model vehicles aren't a good deal when loaded to the gills and compared against a...
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    06 Sprinter 140 HR to SM style Penthouse conversion (cross post from S-S forum)

    Since you're not an fabricator, this falls under the category of "if you have to ask..." Its not just the roof skin, but the structure underneath that's different between a low and high roof. You'd be far ahead time and money-wise selling your high roof and then buy a low roof. Or better yet...