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  1. DirtWhiskey

    Plastic tote bins with vertical sides?

    Get some cheap aluminum truck boxes. I've had good luck with some of them.
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    2006 Jeep Grand Cherokee 5.7L Limited with QuadraDrive II

    Nice JGC. Where are you located? When you rebuilt the Hemi did you get the upgrade valve seats?
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    Custom 4x4 Freightliner Overlander

    Now that's an ambo build! Bump for one of the best out there. Choose a Sprinter (yawn) or this beast for this price? Pfft.
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    2019 Dodge Power Wagon for Sale Bakersfield CA, 30,000miles

    Location, miles. Maybe some more pictures and words might just help. GLWTS
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    DIY overland flatbed

    Second the idea of buying a prebuilt then modding. Scott Ag body 12 foot flat deck. Liked the low profile but had clearance issues. Bought some boxes and had the wheel wells carved out. Added some bracing.
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    GPS Vehicle Tracker

    Amen. Subscribed. So many of these things and so little detail in the descriptions.
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    Stronger tarp than Kelty Noah?

    How did you manage to tear the Noah's tarp? We used a 20 footer on the Yampa in sustained 60mph winds last weekend. Sometimes we just just take it down if it's really bad.
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    Yeah it's garbage. Also like a lot of forums, it won't search 3 letter words. Solution; copy this and paste it with the words or phrases you want after it in chrome and push enter:
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    Van vs Truck Camper

    Lots of great info here so I'll try not to repeat it. I lived in a Westphalia for a few years back when I was a dirty hippy doing map work on public lands. Well I'm still a dirty hippy so... Oh how I miss those days. Have lots of friends with Sprinters and Sportsmobiles. If I went van, I'd get...
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    Land Rover Defender Alucab Camper build 1991 - 200tdi - Price Drop to 65K

    RAD TRUCK. Especially with the LHD conversion. GLWTS.
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    Igloo beverage jug for water storage?

    Go buy a rotomolded cooler like this one: Add a spout on the drain hole and you're done. Way more durable, has an actual sealing lid and it doubles as a cooler. I like...
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    2016 Ram 4500 and Phoenix Camper

    Um. That thing is SPECIAL. Love to see how it removes with the boxes attached.
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    Cook Partner Stove Owners Chime In!

    Igniters fail. Get a welder flicker or ten. $2 a pop. Partners don't fail and if you have issues you can repair them in the field. I have a Texsport version of the Everest. I'm convinced they are all made at the same factory. Lots of heat, burners are to big for small pots/percolators. The turn...
  14. DirtWhiskey

    Goodyear G275 MSA Tire Balancing or Shaving

    Look up Justin Wehring here. He has centramatic build him a custom heavier duty balancer set made for 40 in tires. I'll be installing my set this weekend and will report. I hate balance beads for various reasons.
  15. DirtWhiskey

    Finally!! Direct bolt 1 piece aluminum 20x10 super singles F450/F550

    I'll be installing mine tomorrow. Will report back. They are way beefier than the normal Centras and I love how the ring sits inside the caliper protecting it from rocks.
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    Cool camper solid deal GLWTS!