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  1. dms1

    Roofrack box?

    Hard to install solar panels on those Yakima and Thule boxes due to their shape and they are not exactly cheap.
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    Gaia vs Onx

    Gaia and Garmin must get their maps from the same source. There are many trails missing out by Jawbone Canyon, Dove spring and Last Chance Canyon on their latest Topo map offerings, but the trails ARE on Garmin's old 100K and 24K Topo maps.
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    Winches and circuit breakers/fuses/disconnects

    I use a 300 Amp rated switch which is located right next to the battery. I just leave it off until I need to use the winch.
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    New Garmin Montana 700 Series GPS Units with 5" Touchscreen and InReach Capable

    The only issue I have had so far is moving the street maps that came with the unit to my SD card. I use Garmin Express to do this and it takes about an hour, but when I disconnect the GPS and then re connect it, the maps are still located on the Internal memory. I am also trying to figure out...
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    New Garmin Montana 700 Series GPS Units with 5" Touchscreen and InReach Capable

    Turns out the old 24K Topo maps are more accurate than the Topo Active as they are missing a ton of trails in CA. I sent some comparison pics to Garmin but I doubt anything will come of it. I have not had any issues with bright light on my unit. I took it one one hike so far and could read the...
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    Gaia...Got To Be Kidding Me!

    Well, some customers don't like that feature, so maybe they should consider changing it, but then again, we could just start using some other app.
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    Gaia...Got To Be Kidding Me!

    But why dim them at all? They are right there until you click the "Create Route" button and the basically disappear.
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    Gaia...Got To Be Kidding Me!

    I just tested this on the Gaia website and see what you are saying, the waypoint markers almost become transparent. I make my routes in basecamp and mapsource and import them to Gaia. Might start looking into onx as well, been hearing a lot about it lately.
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    Garmin Overlander

    I use both.
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    New Garmin Montana 700 Series GPS Units with 5" Touchscreen and InReach Capable

    Do you know what Topo maps comes with the 700i? I have been researching this unit for a possible purchase and have read where it comes with Topo 100K and if you buy the Topo 24K maps at $99.99 per region then you can do turn by turn with them, but this is unconfirmed. I can't find any in stock...
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    Wildlife Photography

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    Last resort fire starter?

    I carry a duraflame log and cut off 1 inch pieces with my knife (they are soft) and then break those into 4 pieces, 1 or 2 pieces will get any fire started.
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    Want to switch to an oversized wool blanket for my pop-up camper. Suggestions?

    I agree, also some newer and older wool blankets are very comfortable to touch, unlike surplus wool blankets. My favorite wool blanket I bought on ebay, If I remember right they listed it was made in the 50s.
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    Quest for the Perfect Family Tent

    I have the Cabela's Alaskan Guide 8 man tent and me and the wife can put it up in about 20 min at a leisurely pace . I also have the Cabela's West Wind 6 person tent, I have this for when I camp solo as I can put it up by myself, the 8 man version is a little different and needs 2 people to put...
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    Sleeping Bag Alternative for Long-term International Trip

    I would use a microfiber blanket, get 2 , use one for summer and both for winter, They are comfortable, warm, don't take up much space and easy to wash. We just finished traveling the western US for two years in a class C RV and that is what we used. Going forward, when overlanding I am just...
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    Censorship on Expedition Portal?

    I have been on this fourm a long time and I bet one of the admins will let you know what happened to the thread. Most of the time when this crops up it turns out the person who started the thread deleted it.
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    Garmin Overlander

    The other day when I checked, only the The other day when I looked at Garmins web site, only the Garmin InReach Mini was listed as compatible. Glad they are adding more products.
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    Garmin Overlander

    Are running Garmin nRoute on Windows 10? I still have a copy of that software, I might try running it.
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    Camp bed time, what’s your set up

    Dang, I have had my megamat since they came out and it still works great. In fact we slept on ours 2 months straight while we were having our house worked on last summer and are now using them in a Travel Trailer on a daily basis as we got rid of the mattress that came with it. Maybe you pumped...
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    Overland Expo West Rigs and trip reports

    That is a nice rig, but if money was no object, I would buy the Earthroamer they had on display, my wife even approved.