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  1. Chris Cordes

    FOR SALE - 2003 Ford E350 - FISHING- Pottstown, PA

    Hi Paula please add a price. All posts must have a list price
  2. Chris Cordes

    1998 Camel Trophy Tribute Defender Project

    Vince, are you sure it was deleted? That is not something we would remove a post for. I want to make sure we resolve this.
  3. Chris Cordes

    2003 Land Rover Discovery Trek #4

    This is an amazing car. I've driven one just like it, and it's impossible not to fall in love.
  4. Chris Cordes

    Victron SmartSolar Charge Controller Bluetooth – MPPT 75/15 – 75 Volts, 15 Amps

    As pdavitt mentioned it might be a setting within the controller. It can either be the battery voltage, the voltage cut off, a proplem with the shunt, etc. Id give AM solar a ring and see what they say
  5. Chris Cordes

    ExPo's 2000 7.3 Excursion Build

    Yup, in fact goose gear is building an entire interior sleeping system for it!
  6. Chris Cordes

    Full size rigs-Airing down

    As many here have said there is no easy definite answer to how much you can air down. There are just too many factors. Even so, being in the teens with your truck at low speed should be fine. Youll be able to go lower in an emergency, just raise the tire back up to a higher pressure when clear...
  7. Chris Cordes

    ExPo's 2000 7.3 Excursion Build

    Thanks yall! I cant wait to show you what goose gear is going to do. Things are about to get crazy
  8. Chris Cordes

    ExPo's 2000 7.3 Excursion Build

    Hey guys! Been a hell of a few weeks. Snow shoed the rockies, drove through utah and colorado, explored californias deserts, and made it to LA. Here's a quick peak. None of california yet, those are coming!
  9. Chris Cordes

    1989 Toyota FJ62 W/H55f 5 Speed

    is this still available?
  10. Chris Cordes

    ExPo's 2000 7.3 Excursion Build

    I thought about it, but not this time. 35 is a much more common size, and I dont want to regear yet. Eventually ill do gears and lockers, and then ill go with 37s :)
  11. Chris Cordes

    ExPo's 2000 7.3 Excursion Build

    Sorry for the long break in updates everyone. I ruptured a disc, had some major relationship changes, moved, and went full time on the road since October so things have been a little chaotic! I just left Main Line Overland, and here's what is new. In the back I've dumped the trasharoo because...
  12. Chris Cordes

    ExPo's 2000 7.3 Excursion Build

    Yeah, sorry I've been out of touch on the forum a while. It has been a crazy few months. Health scares, surgeries, relationship changes, and moves. To summarize, I'm alive, and now full time on the road! Ill try to wrangle up some photos of the seats. They're Scheelmanns, and they're awesome so...
  13. Chris Cordes

    Unique Overland Truck For Sale

    This thread has been closed because it violates the rules and also is not really in the spirit of this for sale section. If you PM me I will open the thread back up when the ebay ad is live.
  14. Chris Cordes

    Mastodon motors?

    Hey everyone, just an update. Expedition Portal broke ties with Mastodon last month and removed them from our partners section. We appreciate you bringing these issues to our attention, and we're truly sorry that so many people have been taken advantage of. We try our best to only work with...
  15. Chris Cordes

    Mastodon motors?

    Hey guys we're looking into this now.
  16. Chris Cordes

    US Introduction

    DUTCH While I appreciate your concern, and we certainly encourage users to post information relating to manufacturer problems, I'm going to have to ask you to provide some sort of evidence or link to these issues. I have not been able to locate the hundreds of complaints you speak of, and where...