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  1. djasinski


    The link you posted doesn't work any more. can you post what type of locks you bought? I have a McCoy Miller that I need to replace the locks on. And any tips or advise would be helpful too. Awesome build
  2. djasinski

    Sold: Overland Journal set for sale

    I am interested. any idea what shipping to 24073 would be
  3. djasinski

    Overland Journal Magazines

    are any of these still available
  4. djasinski

    FS: [CA] Overland Journals $1 (2012 through 2016)

    Are any still available
  5. djasinski

    SOLD - Backissues of Overland Journal 2008 - 2013

    Are any still available
  6. djasinski

    Spot GPS Satellite Messenger for sale

    I have for sale a SPOT GEN2 , and a SPOT GEN3 Satellite Messenger for sale. Both in excellent condition. The Gen2 has no accessories/manuals/packaging. Gen3 has original accessories/manuals/packaging. I will include a nylon belt clip/pouch with the first one to sell. $50 each + shipping...
  7. djasinski

    Has anyone made their own side walls/extension panels for 270 Foxwing Awning?

    I am looking for guidance on making my own side walls or tapered extension panels for my 270 Foxwing Awning. Has anyone done this? Please post pics and advice. Thanks
  8. djasinski

    FS Foxwing Awnings and Tagalong Tents SOLD OUT

    PM sent. I want a passenger side awning, and maybe a few tapered extensions. you rock
  9. djasinski

    Pioneer Tool Trailer

    Great find. I also have a pioneer tool trailer that I am building up for an expo trailer. I havent realy done much work on it. I will be watching you build for ideas and will send some ideas your way.
  10. djasinski

    Bantam trailer for sale in VA

    It is still for sale
  11. djasinski

    Bantam trailer for sale in VA

    It is still available
  12. djasinski

    Bantam trailer for sale in VA

    I will set the price at $500 or best offer
  13. djasinski

    Cheap 12/24 volt and 120/240volt fridge

    So I just found out that these units will not come with the power cords or backup battery packs. Therefore, I will not be purchasing them . If anyone is still interested, I found another guy online who sells them for $199 plus shipping. I think he only has 5 left though. Send me a PM for his...
  14. djasinski

    Cheap 12/24 volt and 120/240volt fridge

    I suspect it would be around 165 a piece for 10 of them. But the price that I will pay has not be set yet. I will know for sure by 07/13/11, but I have to know right then if I will buy them. If I do not buy them on the spot, I am passed over and the next guy gets a chance.
  15. djasinski

    Cheap 12/24 volt and 120/240volt fridge

    I have no problems shipping these out as long as you are willing to pay for shipping. they are: Height (Inches) 18 Width (Inches) 26 Length (Inches) 17 Weight 45 lbs I am not sure how much shipping will be. I am not looking to make a big profit on these or trying to start a...
  16. djasinski

    Cheap 12/24 volt and 120/240volt fridge

    I have not inspected them yet, but from the photos I have seen, they look to be in great condition. I will not buy them if they are all beat up. I need to decide soon if I will buy them so let me know if you want one. I am in south western VA but I travel alot to areas within a days drive of...
  17. djasinski

    Cheap 12/24 volt and 120/240volt fridge

    I have a line on several used military fridges that run on 12/24/120/240 volts DC/AC. The are solid state, meaning no internal moving components. made by Thermopol Inc, modle M-30TR let me know if anyone is interested. I have to buy them all it I want one. I would resell them fro...
  18. djasinski

    Anyone have a second generation dodge durango (2004-2009)

    Looking for some ideas to build up my 2004 second gen Durango. does anyone else have a second generation Durango (2004-2009). post some pics and ideas. Any thoughts about using the Durango as an overland vehicle. I will not be doing any hard core offroading/rock crawling.
  19. djasinski

    Bantam trailer for sale in VA

    it is still for sale