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  1. phsycle

    Ford Fullsize Thread !!!!

    All I’ve done is AT tires and I’ve been on plenty of backcountry roads. I’d like to get a high rise shell next for quick camp set up when it’s just me or with one of my kids. I’d say make sure you have some recovery gear, and just get out.
  2. phsycle

    Who's building the best 3/4 Ton/ 1 Ton Gas Truck these days!

    I have kids so backseat space is a major consideration. Flat floor is nice for storage as well. I much prefer the Ford Supercrew back seat to Ram’s. I like the pick and choose options on the Ford as well.
  3. phsycle

    Best new stock 1/2 ton truck for overloading

    What are you looking for in a new truck that your current one can’t do? Personally, an F150 w rear locker is plenty capable for all those trails mentioned. Unless you are dying for a new truck, just run what you’ve got.
  4. phsycle

    American Safari JXL ....non responsive

    Shorter wheelbase and better break over certainly have advantages. But I just don’t see it for a vehicle built with a big camper on the back. Look at all the trails the JT guys are doing. Hardly any disadvantage vs the JL/JLU guys, even on the toughest of trails. ie Look at story till now’s...
  5. phsycle

    Jeep Grand Cherokee

    I had a 5.9 ZJ back about 20 years ago. I really miss that Jeep. If I were to restore a vehicle, that’s the one. I’d do it exactly like the Jeep folks did:
  6. phsycle

    Jeep Grand Cherokee

    You got most of it right but 98 was the prior model, the ZJ. I’m more attached to the ZJ, as I like the boxier look. The 4.0 or 5.2 were good engines. That said, I’d probably go for the newest WK. I like those better than the WJ.
  7. phsycle

    American Safari JXL ....non responsive

    I don’t understand why you’d get this over a Gladiator + AT Overland or similar camper for cheaper. I know I wouldn’t spend the extra $, never mind the hassle, wait, and anguish.
  8. phsycle

    Gladiator - Good/Bad?

    I was with you until the carb comment. Trading one problem for another 😂 Especially for me, where it was 1 deg this morning. Messing with the choke every morning, crap mileage, no power. I could probably handle it on a trail-only rig but not for a daily. But 100% agreed on the over abundance of...
  9. phsycle

    17 GMC SIERRA Overland Setup

    There is a classifieds section you can post in. 👍
  10. phsycle

    Ford’s new 6.8L V8

    Telluride is excellent. But the biggest drawback is the wait time. Last quote I got was 6-9 months. Some at 12 months. They’re really nice though.
  11. phsycle

    Ford’s new 6.8L V8

    Whatever Ford’s strategy is, it won’t hold out for long. Bronco buyers are bailing to get a Wrangler cheaper and sooner. I’m thinking of doing the same with the PW (vs F250). Ford’s always had a premium compared to Ram’s. But not by this margin. They’ll lose market share and will have to...
  12. phsycle

    Ford’s new 6.8L V8

    I’m starting to see some good incentives for Chrysler products. This dealer is offering up to 8% below invoice (including PW).😱😱😱.106673/ I haven’t seen anything from Ford. But I’d imagine they’d follow suit soon. Maybe not as...
  13. phsycle

    Considering buying a Jeep.

    Subaru’s are great but imagine if they came with lo-range (which they used to at one time). They’d be amazingly capable.
  14. phsycle

    F150 - 2.7L vs 3.5L vs 5.0L

    Yeah, I’m unsure of the system mentioned in the other post. The only ones I’m aware of is in hybrids where an electric motor spins the crankshaft (Prius).
  15. phsycle

    F150 - 2.7L vs 3.5L vs 5.0L

    I’m assuming, just like any other ASS, it’ll start back up before that happens. Just an assumption.
  16. phsycle

    Ford’s new 6.8L V8

    6.2 has been out for so long, it’ll take a while for 7.3 to prove itself. Maybe another couple of years, people will trust it more depending on how reliability holds up. Seems like it’s going in the right direction so far. I’m shopping right now and even if the 6.2 were available, I’d have no...
  17. phsycle

    Want to buy or build a truck for off-roading/exploring

    SW Colorado is my favorite area as well. And I live in UT so Moab, San Rafael Swells, Cap Reef etc are places I frequent as well. With only one child, a midsize would work. But if you’re planning for more kids, dogs, or just bring lots of stuff (when we had our first, the baby stuff was easily...
  18. phsycle

    Towing a 16ft Airstream with a 4runner? Other alternatives?

    Hilarious people balk at buying a new Basecamp because of poor resale value then jumping on a guy saying buy used due to the fact used is more expensive than new. 🤪 To the OP, get a full-size. If a truck is too long, at least a Sequoia, Tahoe, or something similar.
  19. phsycle

    F150 - 2.7L vs 3.5L vs 5.0L

    All F150’s and I’m sure Rangers definitely use the starter for Auto-start-stop. All years (where applicable). There are some euro makers that use transmission based restarts, and I believe some Ford hybrid’s. But not the F150.
  20. phsycle

    Ford’s new 6.8L V8

    ~It’s the most wonderful tiiime of the yeeeear~* Merry Christmas everyone 😂