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    Warn 16.5Ti

    Looking for a used, but in good condition Warn 16.5Ti if you got one and need cash now......
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    Toymaster's M416 style trailer evolution

    In 2011 the bug bit me for a light weight off road trailer to supplement my JK. Full disclosure I have a trailer fetish. According to the Cambridge dictionary a fetish is "an activity or object that you are so interested in that you spend an unreasonable amount of time thinking about it or...
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    Off-road coupler play, fix?

    I have a max coupler on my adventure trailer, the coupler itself is great but there is inherent play in the receivers. Since there are two, one on the trailer and one on the tow vic, the play is multiplied and noisy when going over rocks and what-not. Literally, with the play and length...
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    Black Scorpion trailers

    Does anyone have any knowledge of this brand? I did a search on the forum and nothing came up. I found it while doing an internet search on off-road trailers, hadn't noticed it before. It seems like a great option for a TJ or earlier model of jeep...
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    JK rear winch and shower install

    This thread was originally posted July of 2013. Been back in country for two weeks now. I've gotten a few things done on the jeep between the honey-do list. The main two are an on-board shower and installed an Engo 9K I got last year. . With the recent advent of cheap winches I could not...
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    Appalachian 'trail' possibly being extended via river route

    There are efforts to allow hikers/kayakers to trek from Maine to the Gulf Coast.
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    Expo trailer kitchen idea thread...

    Would anyone like to share ideas and/or pics of their kitchen set-up? I'm going to build a rear swing-away kitchen box on my military style trailer and would like some ideas before I start my design. The trailer already has removable a table that bolts to the fender but space is always at a...
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    Value of a '85 60

    I found a '85 model 60 with a V6, manual trans, two owner, all original, and 150K miles. Normal but not exessive wear, actually in great shape, no rust at all. Is it worth $11K :coffee: Edit: What is the expected mpg with one of those? Factory weight and summer fuel.
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    Great sale for -20 sleeping bags I found this deal on close-outs. It comes to $56 per bag with the 20% off sale today. They are ploy fill...
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    multi-purpose ramps

    I have a thought I'd like to hear some advice concerning. I ran into an off-road situation while in the desert where I had to turn around, I was not happy about that. As I looked at the obstacle I thought if I had some ramps I would have tried. But, who the h carries ramps, right? Well I got...
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    Spotted in Fairbanks

    Any one recognize this...