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  1. LateNate

    The Dogs of Overland Expo 2015

    Unfortunatley my cameras battery charger fried on me on the way out to the Expo. It wasn't until I was able to borrow a camera that I started taking pictures. Also by then, it was Sunday, the last day, and the most favorable weather day. I would of liked to get some pictures of the inclement...
  2. LateNate

    Outside the Shade

    Short adventures around my neck of the woods. Enjoy.
  3. LateNate

    Crossfit and Adventure Motorcycling

    I enjoy Crossfit and motorcycling. These guys ( a couple of bigger names in Crossfit) are getting to do both. They have made up a few great short videos about their current Pan-American journey now. They are on their fifth episode and I think that ones has been the best. Enjoy Intro...
  4. LateNate

    Easter Kayaking Video
  5. LateNate

    Purchase a Ural?

    Thinking about pulling the trigger on a 2008 Ural Patrol.
  6. LateNate

    Shake out the cobwebs

    So when I decided to go on my last trip I had my truck sitting in the shed for that time. Six months. I was happy to get her out and running around in the woods today. Little vid for you guys.
  7. LateNate


    Does anyone know how I can add the tracking progress of my spot account on to my website?
  8. LateNate

    Video Combo

    What would be a good combo for video and editing software?
  9. LateNate

    Restoring a 98 Frontier

    I was wondering if there was a company or a custom shop in the United States that could tackle restoring my truck. I wish I could do a lot of the work myself, but I dont have the tools or knowledge. I want to totaly restore my beat up Nissan. I mean, a frame off type job. New engine. Diesel...
  10. LateNate

    Two Burner Stove for Pan-Am?

    What is the best two burner stove to use while driving the Pan-Am highway. I would assume something very versitle as far as fuels go. I was thinking the colman one that accepts regular gas and white. It wont require a propane tank taking up space.
  11. LateNate

    Emergency Pack?

    What is the best product that combines a compressor/battery jumper/other helpfull features?
  12. LateNate

    Climbing the Pan-Am

    I will soon be taking the Pan-Am road trip here at the end of May. I was hoping to do a little networking and find some climbing parterns out there. I plan on bring almost all my gear and really want to take advantage of all the awesome climbing potential all the way down. Thanks
  13. LateNate

    Spearfishing the Pan-Am

    Whats up guys. I will be driving to Argentina soon and was wanting to spearfish all along the way. Does anyone know about the rules and regs of each country regarding spearfishing. I figure as I get to each country I would find out, but I was wondering if anyone here knew anymore so I could...
  14. LateNate

    Extendable Legs?

    Is there any company's out there that make extendable legs. The camper I have has a big hatch back door on it and I wanted to add some support legs under when it is open. I plan on being able to throw a tarp over it when its open. If you want to see pics go to the "It's our turn for the Pan-Am"...
  15. LateNate

    2008 KTM 450exc-r FOR SALE

    Street Legal, aftermarket hand guards, skid plate and rear tail light assembly. I have all documents regarding work/maintenace done and a clean title. Bike has a little over 50 hrs and around 1100 miles on it. Asking $7000 OBO. [/IMG] [/IMG]
  16. LateNate

    Internet use for overland.

    I am preparing for a Pan-Am trip and was wondering what the options are for having the internet at our disposal.
  17. LateNate

    Its our turn for the Pan-Am

    Still going smooth here, but I did encounter a small speed bump. I had my meniscus repaired yesterday so that my put us back a week or two from when we wanted to depart. I had to get it taken care of though before the trip. So all I can do now is baby it and hope it heals quickly. I wanna get on...