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  1. beardinc

    Dodge Ram 5500 motorhome

    How are the tires holding up? How are they on our Canadian winter highways?
  2. beardinc

    Allision 3500 series transmission, transfer case options

    Wonder what kind of parts interchangeability there is with the Isuzu FTS? I imagine you could snag the 4x4 parts for a decent price.
  3. beardinc

    Expedition Vehicle selection thoughts?

    I think alot of folks from my generation (millennial) are doing online work. As more offices transition to online it opens up alot of opportunities for a nomadic lifestyle.
  4. beardinc

    2013 RAM GAS custom camper

    Not mine. Reply to the Kijiji ad 2013 RAM Chassis. 4.7l gas. Flowmaster muffler, 3" exhaust. 2gal air tank and compressor, +50% rear coils and 1000lb airbags. 2.8" level Bilstein front struts, Bilstein rear shocks. In dash Android bluetooth infonav system. Bearcat 880 CB. 11000lb superwinch in...
  5. beardinc

    Fuso FG 4x4 Custom Expedition Vehicle Build

    This build has got me all FIRED UP! Excited to see how things work out. Any chance you'd share your interior lay out?
  6. beardinc

    Opening wall ideas

    I understand the appeal, I know the couple from LiveandGive4x4 from YouTube use theirs frequently (bimobil ex480). I think I'd prefer just a bigger window beside the dinette. Different strokes for different folks 😂
  7. beardinc

    FGs for sale

    Any knowledge on the previous owner?
  8. beardinc

    Anyone heard of Acela Trucks before?

    Ouch only 5000lbs? Not much wiggle room for a camper build out.
  9. beardinc

    FGs for sale

    Here's one forsale in Canada Please view this ad: 2007 Mitsubishi Fuso FG140 Cab and Chassis 4X4 Truck...
  10. beardinc

    Iveco Magirus Opinions

    Curious what motivated you to choose the iveco over a Mercedes?
  11. beardinc

    One couples experience with Overland Explorer

    I understand the custom expedition camper world is a place for folks with fat wallets, but $120k for a flat bed and some cabinets is obsurd. I had such high hopes for Overland Explorer, but unfortunately for them one bad review is one too many.
  12. beardinc

    GXV Patagonia on the Kenworth K370 chassis

    Forgive me if this has already been answered. Any more info on the TC/front drive axel used in this conversion? Make/model would be appreciated.
  13. beardinc

    Would a Shipping Container Build Be Possible?

    Bliss Mobil has kinda followed the container model. Steel frame with composite walls. I'm not sure I'd want my "home" getting lost amoungst the 1000's of containers in a port. However I get the desire for a strong exoskeleton/frame so you can attach things securely, or handle the odd bash...
  14. beardinc

    Expedition Vehicle selection thoughts?

    The new Chevy HD or International CV is now available. -22,500lb GVWR in 4x4 -50k psi frame -6.6L Duramax(after market DEF delete available!!) -Allison trans(3 options available) -Dual alternators available -65gal fuel(25gal/40gal split) It's a conventional truck which is a downside to me, but...
  15. beardinc

    Walk thru/interview with Intl-Unicat owners

    Found this video while deep in the depths of YouTube. First 30mins are an interview/back story with the current owners of the Unicat on the MXT international chassis. They go over why they bought it and budgeting for full timing. Second half of the video is the walk around/interior tour of the...
  16. beardinc

    MB 1120 Coming to America!

    Thanks for the Opensource build! So many are secretive about what they pay for things, which I could never really wrap my head around. We're all striving for the same goal right? Haha anyways really looking forward to seeing your build progress.
  17. beardinc

    Got a Cool, Spare Half Million Dollars ? Then this rig’s perfect for you!!!

    I think for the buyer that is looking in this price range they'll get alot more value from a GXV or a European made camper. $490k and you still have the cheapo dometic windows? I will say though, that ER has a great marketing team and their interior finishes are really nice.
  18. beardinc

    Monster Truck—- ‘04 International Camper / RV / REAR lockers! - $38500

    the owner has a posting here in the Fore Sale my members section.