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    Overland Expo sold
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    Multiple blue tooth devices?

    So I've noticed in some youtube videos that people seem to be running multiple blue tooth devices off of one tablet. I think it was a @LifestyleOverland video where he was cycling through his tablet and had Gaia, Torque, and his music player all running off the same tablet. Am I that much a...
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    82 QT Edgestar fridge

    Edgestar FP861, 86 quart fridge. Only reason I am selling it is because it is to big to use in my 100 series and I need to downsize. I worked great in my Suburban. Works great, has a few stains in the bottom, will also come with some hold down brackets I bought but never installed. Located in...
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    Steel channel U fittings to mount RTT

    I bought some steer channel U fittings from Grainger to mount my RTT to my 1.5" square tubing I have on the trailer. They are little bigger than that, and I need some type of rubber or such strips to put in to take up the slack. Any ideas? All I could find at home depot was door insulation, but...
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    Anyone make anything like the Camp Cover tool bag?

    I currently have a bunch of toll rolls in a Husky tool bag, but I hate digging for stuff. I found this Camp Cover tool bag, but they don't ship to the US. Anyone make anything close to it? Closest I have found is the Bucket Boss Super Roll. Camp Cover Tool Bag Bucket Boss Super Roll
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    Are there no moderators here?

    The 3 pages of spam crap has been up for almost 24 hours.....
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    Picked up some solar panels. Have a few questions

    My boss bought a pallet of these from an auction. I bought 2 of them off of him. Is there a good beginners guide to solar? I have googled the model # (Siemens SP150-CPL) and have not been able to find any info on them. I my goal is to make a frame out of aluminum channel & the plastic fittings...
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    Any 1st gen Ford Explorer builds?

    I've been searching, but have only found 2nd and newer.
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    Utility bed trailer build

    I had a thread on this awhile ago, but the photobucket fiasco made it easier to just create a new thread. So this is my utility bed trailer build. I found a utility bed from a Tacoma that was mounted onto the front half of a 3/4 ton Suburban frame. The suspension was the factory coil springs...
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    Howlingmoon RTT parts ***Update***

    So one of the stupid little plastic ball sockets for the tent extension broke off today. Anyone know if anyone stocks these or where to get a replacement? I have an email into Sierra Expeditions, but figured I'd as here also.
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    Trailer spare tire location

    I can't decide where to mount my spare tire. It's a 285/75/16 to match my 100 series. My trailer is a tacoma sized utility bed mounted on a custom frame. My choices seem to in front of the bed, on a swing out to the rear, in the bed, and underneath the bed. I found a half a tire gate (the swing...
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    Looking for a discussion thread, and I can't find it

    It was about building liftable racks for RTT's and why you should weld the cross bars to the lift arms, and instead bolt them on using brackets and/or heim joints.
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    RTT mounting on frame w/ overhang

    Is there any reason NOT to build my RTT mounting frame a little bit wider than my tent? A few reason I am want to do this is my trailer is wider than the tent, so I will have some extra storage room on the frame, and the part of the tent that flips out will also be supported by about 6" of the...
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    awning/awning rooms and wind limits

    What has everyones experience been with using your awning and awning rooms in the wind? We are supposed to go out this coming weekend, and I was planning on sleeping in the awning room, but the weather channel says winds 10-20 miles. I'm thinking it will hold, as it will be guyed down, but...
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    I'm selling my pull-pal, model RW9000. This is an older model, but as you can see it has very little use. The only reason I am selling is I bought a bigger vehicle, so I had to buy a bigger pull-pal. I can meet in the Victor Valley or Fontana area. Asking $225 or trade for????
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    Lets talk insurance for home built trailers

    If you have home built trailer, did you run into any issues insuring it? How did you come up with a value? Is it like boat insurance where you have a stated value? Who is your insurance company and what does insurance cost?
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    WTT: Howlingmoon Stargazer 1.6 for trailer based roof tent

    I'm moving my RTT from the roof of my 100 series to my trailer, and am looking to see if anyone is interested in trading their trailer specific roof tent for my Howlingmoon. By trailer specific tents, I mean something designed like the EZ-Awn Globe Tracker...
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    Regular RTT vs. Trailer specific RTT

    What are the pros. and cons of a trailer specific RTT vs.a regular ol RTT. I currently have a Howlingmoon 1.6 Stargazer with awning. I'm thinking of switching to a trailer based rtt due to not having to build a lift system to use the awning and the tent ones seem to be a little bigger. My other...
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    Black Rat 3500# hand winch and a heavy vehicle

    I found a used Black Rat 3500# hand winch for sale on line. Even with shipping, I can get it pretty cheap. My current vehicle is a 100 Series Cruiser. I know I can use snatch blocks to double the pull strength on the hand winch. I would use it on certain situations on my 100 series, and to move...
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    Fabricators, please step inside

    So I am working on my utility trailer project, and am trying to devise of a cheap way to raise and lower my RTT on my trailer. I only need it to go up 18" or so. I've seen all the actuators and other fancy stuff, but I'm not sure I really want to go that way. What I was thinking was building a...