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  1. Tex68w

    Help choosing the right truck

    I'd get some sliders and maybe some better tires and call it a day. Congrats on the LC, take care of it and it should take care of you.
  2. Tex68w

    Time for a change?

    I'd go for newer myself. Get what you can selling your Gen 2 and move on to a Gen4 or maybe even a Gen 5.
  3. Tex68w

    Icon's vs Bilstein 6112.

    Put me in the hate on Icon group.
  4. Tex68w

    Toyo MT 285/75r17 34x11.5

    Wow, that's a massive difference.
  5. Tex68w

    2017 Ford Raptor

    Still available. Open to reasonable offers.
  6. Tex68w

    ttora4runner - 2018 Toyota Tacoma

    You should make friends with the guy with the 100-series down the street. Truck looks great BTW, it's hard to beat a topper.
  7. Tex68w

    is the 1st gen tundra one of the best platforms

    Shoot, I'd find a storage unit, disconnect the battery/electrical, drain all fluids, put it up on jack stands and leave it be until you get back.
  8. Tex68w

    Tex's 2019 LX 570

    A little over one month of ownership now and we have just a hair over 900 miles on it. I have yet to get it on the beach or off-road in general for that matter, but I couldn't be more pleased with how it performs around town and on the highway. Other than the low hanging grill and lack of cup...
  9. Tex68w

    Nitro Gear's 1987 Land Cruiser HDJ75 Troopy Trakka Bushman - "Cobby Bob"

    Man on Man, what a build. I hate to even start to calculate the total build costs for this rig. I think about picking one of these up a lot but I know, just like this one, that I'll end up way deeper into it than I initially plan haha. It's certainly drool worthy, thanks for sharing.
  10. Tex68w

    Toyo MT 285/75r17 34x11.5

    I have been a big fan of Toyo RT's and MT's but they are far away a top dollar tire. Even though Nitto are made in the same place I have found that their compounds are not on the same level as Toyo. I will most likely go to a 285/75 RT when I get around to a new lift, wheels, and BMC.
  11. Tex68w

    Tacoma Beast and Company in Utah deface our public lands

    I agree, I find it hard to even say the word 'overland' anymore out of disgust for what it now represents. In my eyes social media is the biggest problem of it all as the outreach it provides from a single platform is unreal. I know I am getting old now because posts of basically stock vehicles...
  12. Tex68w

    Tex's '18 Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro build

    It's a nice happy medium between PINS and Port A and Bolivar. Less people, 21 miles of beach, cheap $10 annual permit and some decent dives in the small town of Matagorda back on the north side of the ditch. Might I suggest going to Sargent on your way down or up and riding the swing bridge...
  13. Tex68w

    Bugeye's GX460 Build

    It's no different than the Tacoma's, 4Runners, and Land Cruisers, just gotta do a little trimming. And yes there are a few bumpers out there for the 2010-2013 GX460.
  14. Tex68w

    Tex's '18 Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro build

    Well it's Spring Break right now so you'll have to battle the idiots and the influx of people and law enforcement on the beach. The majority of folks will between the pier at the jetties and the three mile cut. I always go at least a few miles past the cut to get to more desolate beach. Your...
  15. Tex68w

    Which Jeep Model & Why?

    IMHO, the LJ Rubicon is the best Wrangler ever made.
  16. Tex68w

    Tacoma Beast and Company in Utah deface our public lands

    The situation sucks and apparently he wasn't directly responsible but nevertheless it was wrong on all accounts. What bugs me about the whole deal is that there seems to be a rush by many of the "social media types" to protect him and his buddy who actually defaced the rock, from the bashing...
  17. Tex68w

    Road Trippin the Americas (currently in Mexico)

    The photos are fantastic!
  18. Tex68w

    Dirt Sunrise: Tim and Kelsey get lost...

    Glad to have come across this thread. I binge watched and caught up lol. I look forward to future installments.
  19. Tex68w

    2017 Ford Raptor

    Up for sale is a one owner 2017 Ford Raptor SuperCrew in Shadow Black with the black and orange interior. This was a custom order truck and it had every single option available for the 2017 model year. The truck currently has 16,3xx miles on the odometer and it will continue to go up as it is...
  20. Tex68w

    Tex's '18 Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro build

    I ended up getting the ARB twin compressor installed under the hood this morning. It wasn't the worst of installs but it was time consuming, tedious and my hands simply don't fit in the areas they needed to be in. Bolting the Slee bracket down once the compressor is installed to the plate is...