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  1. Buddha.

    Tire question

    I was told in tech school that it’s the AWD systems that have a viscous coupling center diff that require all tires to be same height. On a part time 4wd, less of a concern.
  2. Buddha.

    Coyote(s) with mange....what to do?

    Not directed towards anyone: Coyotes are an interesting critter. When Europeans colonized North America they tried to eradicate coyotes like they had wolves, didn’t work. Efforts to kill them off have actually caused them to spread out and multiply occupying every state instead of just their...
  3. Buddha.

    Tandem axle load equalizers. LCI Equa Flex vs CRE3000

    I Installed cre 3000 on my 10,000lb travel trailer, my wife swears that it must ride smoother now as there’s less junk to put back in place(her job) after arriving at a campsite. I know the stock shackles had worn through the **** plastic bushings and were eating through the shackles so I got...
  4. Buddha.

    Destination Unknown - a 1997 F350 build

    Unfortunately they’re out of business.
  5. Buddha.

    Project "Autonomous" F-350

    I need a deal like that!
  6. Buddha.

    Lets see some full size pictures...

    Reminds me of this one.
  7. Buddha.

    Curious what the "best" Subaru, new or old, for an overland build.

    Fifth and sixth gear are both overdrive, I always skipped fifth.
  8. Buddha.

    Extending distance between tow vehicle and trailer

    What is the tow vehicle? What is the weight of the trailer?
  9. Buddha.

    Outfitting a 2500 Silverado

    I doubt anything is gonna break with stock size rubber.
  10. Buddha.

    Curious what the "best" Subaru, new or old, for an overland build.

    I bought a '17 Forester new, NA 2.5 6spd. It wasn't any slower than my 4.3 blazer I had at the same time. I wasn't afraid to rev out that little 2.5 though, if you want low end torque look elsewhere it's a 4cyl. I bought it as a replacement for my '01 blazer which I liked the size of. It was...
  11. Buddha.

    Hey Vortec Guys! / Sierra pickup / Suburban / Yukon etc

    What PSI are you running in those big tires?
  12. Buddha.

    Hey Vortec Guys! / Sierra pickup / Suburban / Yukon etc

    That hose above the transfer case might just be a breather, I usually see a little black cap of sorts on breathers.
  13. Buddha.

    Can't find what I want so the build begins.

    Look forward to reading that build.
  14. Buddha.

    Black Series Travel Trailers??

    I wonder this too. They defenetly have a different approach to towing. For example in the U.S. the Subaru Forrester is rated at 1500# capacity but is AUS the same exact car is rated for something like 4,000#.
  15. Buddha.

    Hey Vortec Guys! / Sierra pickup / Suburban / Yukon etc

    Every time I think about dropping some coin to make my truck more off road worthy I have to remind myself that I don’t actually off road and I need my rig to be able to tow 10k pounds, off road gear isn’t gonna help me. So I just live vicariously through threads like this.
  16. Buddha.

    Hey Vortec Guys! / Sierra pickup / Suburban / Yukon etc

    Wow, what a crappy lift kit. It's crappy products like this that give GM and their IFS a bad name. That lift kit was never designed to do anything other than tower above shorter cars in traffic and maybe the occasional "mud bog".
  17. Buddha.

    Full size winch bumpers

    Are there any options of mounting a winch that don't cost $1200 or more?
  18. Buddha.

    Hand Winch worth it or no?

    I've used hand winches to get disabled cars(3000#) onto trailers, even after doubling up the line I found it difficult. I can't imagine trying to use a hand winch to actually un stuck a mired truck.