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  1. medicfernando

    9800 Mile!!! 2006 Rubicon Unlimited LJ

    Ebay listing ended. Did this sell?
  2. medicfernando

    ***SOLD*** 2013 Nissan NV 4x4 Campervan ***Price Reduced***

    Wow, super nice build. I can vouch for the Advanced 4 Wheel conversion, it is excellent and works flawlessly. GLWS
  3. medicfernando

    LR3 LR4 RRS Factory Short Hitch w/ 2 keys $300 shipped

    Very interested. PM sent.
  4. medicfernando

    Ford Transit Campervan For Sale

    Super nice build. So much more reasonably priced than a Sprinter. You should post this in the Expo vehicles section. Good luck with the sale.
  5. medicfernando

    LR3 accessories (Traxide Dual Battery kit, hitch (fits other LR too I believe), OEM dog guard and rear protector tray

    I will take the hitch for full price if you will ship it to me in Salt Lake City, Utah. Thanks!
  6. medicfernando

    LR4 External Equipment for sale SW Michigan

    Would love the OEM hitch if you still have it. Please let me know. Thanks. Fernando
  7. medicfernando

    Turtle III for sale

    Bummer, not sure how to remedy that.
  8. medicfernando

    Turtle III for sale

    Legendary rig for sale! The Turtle III
  9. medicfernando

    Sold: 2018 Ram Promaster Camper Van

    Nice van, great price! GLWS
  10. medicfernando

    LR3 Front bumper options

    Love my ARB bumper.
  11. medicfernando

    Driving LR3 in North central Mexico???

    Makes me wonder, if the World media constantly published the violence and murder rates in major US cities, no one would ever come here either. Be smart, don't drive at night, don't get yourself into situations you shouldn't and enjoy. Mexico is beautiful and for the most part, safe. And, don't...
  12. medicfernando

    LR3 New ARB Bumper

    Thank you! I had it powder coated so it should be very durable!