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  1. Inyo_man

    Snorkel mounted.

    That looks great, well done! That last snap shot looks like an over-look in Big Sur...beautiful! Cheers
  2. Inyo_man

    Thump when I get on or off the gas

    Check your motor mounts as others have stated. Here is a thread that I put out a while back...
  3. Inyo_man

    Tires... I am due for set. What are you rockin' on your Gen 3 Monty?

    If any off-highway use is intended with the vehicle, LT tires are highly recommended.
  4. Inyo_man

    Gen 3 vibration

    I would begin by completing a transmission fluid flush (9-12 quarts), and replace the transmission fluid filter. The transmission can shudder and such if the fluid is old, or something other than Mitsubishi Motors Fluid was used. ...besides, it's general service. Cheers
  5. Inyo_man - Ultimate Expedition Build - 2003 Mitsubishi Montero Limited

    FYI- I have OME HD front suspension on my Gen. has never contacted the uca, or any other part for that matter.
  6. Inyo_man

    3-way mil-spec switch?

    You are likely correct, as I have still yet to find a mil-spec. in an "on-on" SPDT. Carling makes a heavy-duty switch that I may purchase...but ordering it online was out because the shipping was three times the cost of the items. I ended up finding a marine grade switch that I installed, just...
  7. Inyo_man

    I want to paint the plastic body panels..

    I used bed liner on mine. It was a product out of Canada that came in an aerosol can. It came out great and lasted a few years before going gray. I used Monstaliner on the rocker panels of my kid's '86 Toyota 4x4 p/u and it came out great (sprayed, not rolled).
  8. Inyo_man

    Tires... I am due for set. What are you rockin' on your Gen 3 Monty?

    Cooper S/T Maxx 265/75/16 E load This is my second set! These tires fit my needs. Strong sidewalls- these are a 3-ply sidewall Works well for the type of off-highway driving the Gen III sees Works well in many different terrains.
  9. Inyo_man

    Post your Mitsubishi Pajero Pics

    You may want to put some bash plates underneath. They are fairly easy to fabricate...I used aluminium when I made mine. Wishing you many miles of adventure! Cheers!
  10. Inyo_man

    Post your Mitsubishi Pajero Pics

    Welcome aboard! A '99 SR with only two owners is a great find!
  11. Inyo_man

    3-way mil-spec switch?

    Thanks a bunch fellas! I'll look into the suggestions. LandCruiserPhil, That is how I have the light wired.
  12. Inyo_man

    3-way mil-spec switch?

    Thanks for the redirection. I'll focus my search on "double throw" switches. As it stands now, I have a rocker switch in the dash and rear door. Size is not any issue... Cheers!
  13. Inyo_man

    3-way mil-spec switch?

    Appreciate the reply... I've found several web-sites with mil-spec electronics, like switches; however, I'm having a hard time finding a 3-way. ...I suppose I was hoping there was a member that could point me in the right direction... Thanks again for the replies. Cheers
  14. Inyo_man

    3-way mil-spec switch?

    Thanks for the replies. The lights and switches are all installed. I've had them in the rig for several years already. The issue is the durability of the switch in the rear door. The vibration has killed the switch. I'm truly interested in simply replacing the switch with a mil-spec, so it...
  15. Inyo_man

    3-way mil-spec switch?

    Greetings, I am searching for a mil-spec, 3-way switch. The switches run a reverse/work light on the rear of my vehicle. One switch mounted on the dashboard and one switch mounted on the inside of the vehicle's rear door. I'm looking for a 3-way switch so the light can be activated from either...
  16. Inyo_man

    01 montero limited brake question

    Below is a link to the brake service section of the FSM.
  17. Inyo_man

    Gen 3 resonator?

    I removed the resonator when I replaced the suitcase-sized, stock muffler with a reasonable sized unit. Removing the resonator certainly made the exhaust note louder, but not obnoxious in my opinion.
  18. Inyo_man

    Sourcing Parts

    I use the Pick-n-Pull yards that are near home. As you stated, the Gen. III rigs are fairly rare, but do show up now and again.
  19. Inyo_man

    Remington 82 Quart WEATHERTIGHT Storage Box on Sale at Amazon

    I have one of these. They are weather tight and can be used on a roof rack. Unfortunately, my dutch oven's "feet" put a hole in the bottom on my last trip. User error...I needed something under the oven when bombing along the track. Thanks for the link.