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  1. pluton

    Roof Top Tents and wind

    The best type of ground tent in the wind is a four season tent that doesn't have screen material anywhere near the ground. Solid sides up to 18" to 2' largely solves the dust blowing in along the ground problem. The super vented 3- or 2-season tents whose walls are composed mostly of screen...
  2. pluton

    Vehicle Portable Battery Options for Keeping a Dometic CFX 40 Refrigerator Charged

    Wouldn't one be able to connect the starting battery with heavy cable directly to a matching size and type house battery, thereby creating, effectively, one large battery that has double the capacity of either battery alone?
  3. pluton

    Rotopax - Is there something better I should be using?

    In case anyone is interested, the European-made 20L Jerrycans seem to have dropped in price at Deutsch Optik...competition, perhaps. Now cost less than when I got mine about 5 years ago. The least leaky gas cans I've ever used.
  4. pluton

    Andrix, Colorado

    Very nice...a place that used to be. Wonder why the trees die?
  5. pluton

    Question to fridge owners - Do you leave it “running” in cold ambient temps?

    By recent email, Engel Australia says 5 hours per month, minimum. Many keep them running 24/7/365 for decades.
  6. pluton

    Overlanding California Early March

    You could easily kill all your time in Death Valley and the Mojave Preserve, but with that amount of time, you could easily fit in a short trip to southern Utah or northern Arizona. From southern Death Valley/Mojave Preserve area, look at the possibilities of the 5-ish hour drive up I-15 to St...
  7. pluton

    Lets talk about camp lights

    Most of the entire country east of the Rockies is privately owned. I guess the crooked speculators and grifters that took most of the homestead act lands weren't that interested in burning deserts and steep mountainsides.
  8. pluton

    Multimeter recommendations

    When I got my Fluke 179 about 10 years ago, Fluke offered some cheaper models (under $200), but I stretched my budget a bit, and bought the lowest model that had the lifetime warranty. The 179 came with a connectable thermistor for temp readings, BTW.
  9. pluton

    Lets talk about camp lights

    The flashight and headlamp manufacturers have been seriously negligent in not providing warm, tungsten-incandescent colored LED lighting. It has existed for at least 10 years and is used every day in film and TV lighting. I'm tired of the ugly, cold blue LEDs.
  10. pluton

    Winter Camping in Death Valley And Southern Nevada

    Nice trip are different...most pleasant...I've never seen that camera angle on Eureka Dunes before.
  11. pluton

    Lets talk about camp lights

    Headlamp is most important if hands are needed, but they are annoying. I use it on top of my boonie-type hats all the time. I always carry 4 4-AA LED lanterns, but rarely use more than one. I'll place the LED lantern on top of the vehicle when hiking away at night as sort of a homing beacon...
  12. pluton

    KISS Remote Camping List

    Most trips, I never open the tool bag, spare parts case, first aid kit, air compressor, or recovery gear case.
  13. pluton

    KISS Remote Camping List

    Here's the PDF list I print before packing each car camping trip. I've never taken everything on it, but everything I've ever taken is on it. It started as a list of cases---the heavier, durable gear has been Pelicanized for a few years. Clothes go in normal duffle bags and sleeping bags in...
  14. pluton

    3rd gen 4Runner potential buyer. Advice needed

    All this, plus check the rear axle seals. If leaking, subtract $1200 or more from the price. Budget for new springs, new shocks, new tires, new radiator, complete all-fluid change. Be prepared for the steering rack to need to be replaced. is a good source for buyers...
  15. pluton

    Reliable sat phone service in PNW

    No direct experience, but I'd check Iridium because it's probably the only game in town. Inmarsat phones require a more and more lower-to-the-horizon clear path the farther north you get.
  16. pluton

    SAT Communicator or SAT Phone?

    The Inmarsat Isatphone Pro allows it's GPS position to be sent as the content of a text message or email with just a short sequence of button pushes. I assume---but do not know if---the current Mk 2 model has the same function. It's not 'panic' button simple, but it's there. You can also have...
  17. pluton

    One-burner propane stove?

    Whoever gets one of the coleman single burner units, be prepared to grind/file/wire brush the bottom edges. The one I got had seriously sharp edges from the casting.
  18. pluton


    Nice story and photos. Thanks for posting.
  19. pluton

    What Radio to Buy? Some tips to make a good decision

    I inherited 4 Motorola GMRS HTs, which I hand out to the other vehicles. Works great 'cause not everyone---meaning no one I know---- is into spending money on comms.
  20. pluton

    Goodyear UltraTerrain AT Tire

    That America's Tire site is very cagey about their load rating; they flat out don't quote the familiar 'Load Range X' but instead use something called Load Index which specifies only the weight carrying rating of the tire. Update: I saw a photo(on a Tacoma forum) of the sticker on a 20" version...