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    Jeep Cherokee (XJ), LX470 (Land Cruiser) , or Something Else?

    XJ...there are a ton of them out there (makes them cheap), they have a good engine (the 4.0) and there is a ton of after market stuff for them so you can tweak as your budget allows. Also big enough to sleep in
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    WTB M101A1 Stabilizer leg

    I think this is it....🇸🇨FedExHomeDelivery!95662!US!-1
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    Costco has a RTT

    Now its no longer on the Costco website
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    How do I start...

    Start out with some basic fly fishing/casting class at a local fly shop. Fly fishing is unique and some really enjoy and others try it out and do not. Using a fly shop will allow you to use their equipment for the casting class which also allows you to possibly tailor your casting style to the...
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    Trailer Coupler

    I have max couplers on all three of my trailers and love it. I had an early one without the lip to catch the trailer side inside the jeep side and it made it a pain to reattach the trailer. The new model with the lip is super easy. I know there was a thread somewhere in here about their max...
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    Hairy Apple's camping trailer build.

    veery nice...if you decide to unload the M416 let me know, live nearby. Cant wait to see trailer 2.0
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    Help please: Which construction material/method will work best for my trailer goals?

    Aluminum over wood. Maybe get a welder to create an aluminum frame and then you can use pop rivets and seam sealer to attach siding/roof/walls. This would be lighter, water resistant, and unfortunately more expensive than wood or steel.
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    Frame and Body Together or Separate?

    For what it is worth, the early Bantam and M100 trailers had the body welded to the frame although created separately. The next version, the M416 and its various configurations had bolt on bodies. I have no idea if that was more for ease of maintenance or if a problem was discovered. I currently...
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    What kind of weight capacity does a M416 trailer capable of?

    I agree with grnhornetcusto regarding the tongue. Might suggest actually making it a 2 inch receiver tube instead and that will give you options for towing with a normal hitch, off road hitch (like a Max Coupler), or a pintal. I will try and dig up some photos.
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    Camp rug?

    Got a piece of scrap fake grass at Lowes in a bin for about 10$. Its about 6 x 6. It works great as the landing area under the ladder of the RTT. Folds up when done and I throw a bungie around it. Wash it off with a hose when I get home.
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    What kind of weight capacity does a M416 trailer capable of?

    Like all things military, they are way overbuilt for the rating. I have carried 18 bags of concrete (90lb bags) home from Lowes a few times and towed some loads through the Rubicon that were easily 900-1000 lbs. The military had that trailer (M762) platform beefed up to 3/4 ton with just some...
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    Jeep Cj7

    Beautiful....what are your future plans??
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    Our little M416

    definitely a great starting block. Most have a ton of rust that is conveniently hidden with way too much paint by the military LOL. Gonna keep an eye on this one " )
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    New trailer build using an Anchor Mountain Overland DIY kit

    Have you thought about adding a rear 2 inch receiver tube so you can add a bike rack or other accessories? I have used short ones through the rear crossmember on a few of my trailers. As I like to plan. "better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it LOL. My 2 cents
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    M100 hubs to Jeep JK 5x5 wheels

    How did this turn out....been wondering the best way to go with very little information available to assist with making just one purchase.
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    Storage Boxes For Your Jeep

    I am really a fan of the Frontrunner Wolf Pack and Cub Pack boxes. They are very sturdy, stack well and have tie down points. I use them for a number of things but it is nice as when they are packed I can just take them out or pop them back in the jeep and I am ready to roll.
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    Trailer or Canopy? Or Neither!?

    Living and exploring the western states for the last 30 years, I can speak a bit if I had a better idea of what types of terrain your referring to. much of our trails are nothing more than unimproved forest service roads and for the most part easily driven in a four wheel drive (loose rocks...
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    1973 Wagoneer - Full Size Camping Goodness

    Love what you have done with the wagoneers and the trailers. Reading through all of this was long but worth it. Laughing when seeing the pictures from your trip to Green Creek as I used to go there a ton while in college. Knew that area like the back of my hand. Have you ever been to Leavitt...
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    Fridge / Stove Combo Slide For Sale - Maryland

    Who makes this one? Are you willing to ship?
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    Wanted: M101A2 Hand Brake Lever

    I just got ride of some, but have you looked on Ebay? There are used and some news ones (prices ranged from 28 to 75). Just in case nobody has any