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  1. WOODY2

    Help with angles

    Just subtract the 30 from 90 in other words a 60 degree cut?
  2. WOODY2

    Old style ARB awning room

    Thanks but I already have one of those looking for the room model
  3. WOODY2

    Air chuck keeps popping off valve stem?

    I know this sounds elementary but reaching out to Vair might prove to be productive? Many company's realize the value in proactive customer relations/ service. Just my $.02
  4. WOODY2

    Air chuck keeps popping off valve stem?

    Where there is a will there is a way (Amazon)
  5. WOODY2

    Black Series Travel Trailers??

    With all due respect is anyone else getting tired of the thread that won't go away?
  6. WOODY2

    fastening to aluminum square tubing

    Actually he was trying to get enough info to give you a correct answer so why dis him?
  7. WOODY2

    Costco has a RTT

    I think whitenoise nailed it.
  8. WOODY2

    Costco has a RTT

    Because they are just sales people and marketers. May also show the intellect or lack thereof of the company owners?
  9. WOODY2

    What size fuse for a Yeaseu 8900R

    Reason says to follow Mfg's suggestion?
  10. WOODY2

    Stow-able dog bed/cot for spoiled camp pooch

    Try the K&H dog bed, same basic design as the one posted but less than $30. Just pull the short verticle legs to store flat. Replacement covers are available for less than $9. We get ours at Chewy
  11. WOODY2

    Can it be done?: Swing-out Tire Carrier and Carry 4 Bikes

    Classic case of the tail wagging the dog
  12. WOODY2

    Holes in plywood platform

    Honestly the weight savings will be minuscule vs. the effort. Probably weigh less if you took 1 less beverage in your cooler?
  13. WOODY2

    Rotopax - Is there something better I should be using?

    It's easier to help others with Rotopax actually IMHO
  14. WOODY2

    Rotopax - Is there something better I should be using?

    You do realize that you don't have to leave the lock in full time right? It is possible to drive without them and if stopping somewhere sketchy pop the lock(s) in. A good cable lock would also work.
  15. WOODY2

    DIY Discada "Skottle" Cooker $65.00

    The six pack is way cheaper in the long run that is until you learn how to weld so other people bring you beer :LOL:
  16. WOODY2

    Old style ARB awning room

    Does anyone know of a vendor that has the old style awning room for a 2500 series, the type with solid sides with just the windows that roll up vs the newer version?
  17. WOODY2

    3-way mil-spec switch?

    Good solution, I think I will add some lights! Thanks
  18. WOODY2

    Maxtrax mounted as a fairing when not in use

    IMHO not worth the effort to fab a mounting solution. Then there is the potential issue of putting them back up after use maybe with crud on them?
  19. WOODY2

    Instant tent or Normal Tent?

    Costco had them for $99 a while back, I figured if it wasn't easy I could return it. They due come up on sale frequently. There are a few things that will make takedown easier. A cup of your favorite morning beverage between #1 and #2 helps a bunch. Leave a couple of widows down to let air...