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  1. Paddler Ed

    2020 Defender Spy Shots....

    The UK market for farm pickups has been dominated by Japanese/Thai pickups for about the last 15 years. The double cab pickup had a number of benefits, mainly that it was allowed to travel at the same speed as a car on the roads, whereas a Land Rover was classed as a commercial vehicle/van and...
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    2019 Honda CRF 450L

    I've got one of those rear IRC tyres on the WR250 here; I managed to get it as a take off from the local dealer as a lot of the local riders want something more aggressive, but so far it seems to be nice on the road and dirt (done about 250km on a mix of road and dirt)
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    Small full-featured hard-sided stock trailers modified for slow off-pavement trips: surprisingly rare

    It is relative to America, but the wages are higher relative to America... so it averages out when you look at how many hours it takes to earn something. For example, I pay about AU$65 for a pair of Wrangler Rodeo jeans (These ones on the US website) that sell in the US for about $40, but...
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    Queensland road trip July

    + 1 to Wikicamps over the Camps book - I've not used my Camps book for the last 3 years...
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    Queensland road trip July

    FlashKiwi's is a good option, but check what the restrictions are on taking the camper onto Fraser Island - quick look at Britz says not allowed on Fraser Island ( in bold letters... that might rule out that option, and likewise it might...
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    120V plug's

    Yep, 220-250V is the operating voltage for most stuff in Europe and Australia; inverters are as big as the Watts you need; we had a 60W can sized inverter that did fine running of the 12V lighter socket in the past; we now rarely use an inverter for anything, with most things we have running off...
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    2020 Defender Spy Shots....

    Meanwhile Projekt Grenadier from Ineos has engines worked out:
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    120V plug's

    In Australia and the UK, they need to have particular sockets to ensure that when they are turned off, they are off - here they're referred to as double pole sockets. When they're turned off, both the active and neutral pin holes are turned off, instead of just the one that a household socket...
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    Family of 4 moving to New Zealand

    I'm just organising my permanent visa here in Australia; the processing time is about 2 yrs at the moment from start to finish, just so that you aware... I don't think NZ is a long, but that gives you something to be aware of.
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    Black Series Travel Trailers??

    I've been reading the recent posts with interest; my parents have had caravan's in the UK for the last 35years - in the last 20 years, they have had purely German manufactured ones. When they had UK made ones (4 of over the years), even from new, they would change after 3 years at a maximum as...
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    2020 Defender Spy Shots....

    I still see a number of problems ahead for them; the main one being their sales numbers are nowhere big enough to survive at the current rate. 1) Jaguar have an unappealing image for those aged under 60... by definition that is a growing market... over 60 you tend to die... This is why their...
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    Actual build cost vs markup on US built off road trailers/teardrops.

    365 days in a year 104 weekend days 20 days annual leave 10 days public holidays That leaves 231 days working At 8hrs/day, that's only 1848hrs working. How much do you think a company needs to earn before it can afford to pay the staff it needs to operate, based on that many working hours...
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    Should I buy a RJ70 Gasoline Land Cruiser

    RJ70 is a "light" Land Cruiser, some markets called it the Prado (Australia called it the Bundera, the UK Land Cruiser II), so has coils all round (a "heavy" Land Cruiser of that vintage would be leaf, and come with a B, F(Z), PZ or H(Z) motor), so it should ride better. I *think* there is some...
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    Multimeter recommendations

    I've got a Klein MM400 that autoranges and also helpfully has a thermometer - amazing how much stuff needs to be tested at a specific temperature when checking against specs, that's why the O2 sensor ended up in the fridge to get it to 20*C when it was 32*C outside...
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    1986 GMC S-15

    His pictures (and thread) load a lot quicker than those that are directly loaded to here do... I know who does that, and who doesn't... and that shapes which threads I read at times at home.
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    2019 Ford Ranger Taking Orders

    This is a black FX4: Someone really needs to teach people to use a search engine when coming up with model names, especially as people are more (internationally) mobile than they once were...
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    2020 Defender Spy Shots....

    An interesting piece from Autocar, who are normally quite pro-Jaguar/Land Rover
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    Kayaking in the Arctic Ocean

    My recommendation for a number of reasons is to just hire all the gear from an outfitter with a guide - I reckon it'll be a much better experience, plus not needing to drag the boats there with you (unless you're planning on putting them in elsewhere).
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    butane below freezing It was possible with something like this, but REI show NLA.
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    4WD Action On Youtube

    Following from Peter's comment - the fuel in the Top End is likely to be diesel or Opal. Opal is a low odour petrol so that it's not appealing to sniff