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  1. whith

    Express/Savana Swing-out Tire Carrier DIY Starter

    Thanks Gramps, I dig it! My problem has been that I use my rear doors a lot and don’t want to have to open a second latch in addition to the door. I also want the doors to still open most of the way. Something connected to the door seemed to make the most sense but those are all cheesy and...
  2. whith

    Express/Savana Swing-out Tire Carrier DIY Starter

    The link just took me to the general page and I don’t do Facebook. Any chance you could post a photo of yours when you get it mounted?
  3. whith

    Boulder Off Road GM Van 4x4 Conversion

    I had a Quigley conversion with Agile Offroad RIP kit. New front coil springs, custom Fox shocks, drop bracket for the sway bar. Rode way better after I did that and better than most other 4x4 vans I’ve ridden in but still nothing like the IFS in my Chevy.
  4. whith

    Boulder Off Road GM Van 4x4 Conversion

    I’d suggest giving serious consideration to what your goals are. If you just want 4x4 with good off-road capability and the best on road performance then an ifs is the way to go. Weldtec is doing two different versions. My Quigley has a torsion bar GM truck set up and the ride is so much better...
  5. whith

    24" Hightop Express Rear Build-out

    You’ve built an incredible machine already, looking forward to seeing what you do next to finish it off.
  6. whith

    Chevrolet Express Van 4x4 Conversions (WeldTec Designs)

    Very cool news! Lots of GM vans out there in the world that need some 4x4 help. Can’t wait to start seeing your conversions hit the street and trail.
  7. whith

    Requesting quiet....

    Third that, check your doghouse seal and how it’s seated. The Duramax is much quieter than either of the fairly recent Ford diesels. Mines an LML based LGH so slightly different, but it’s more quiet than my buddies 5.3 gas v8.
  8. whith

    Lifting a Quigley Chevy Bus

    You can add it retroactively but you have to take it to them to do the work. I asked about it before going to route I went. I’ve ad two Quigleys, both Ford and Chevy, and their customer service was always great. They had all the info on my ‘05 Ford I sold a few years ago so I bet they at least...
  9. whith

    GM fullsize AWD Van Info thread

    Been there....currently there sort of. I’m not sure you can add a half in but one thing I’ve done is to unscrew the sliding track from the inside, pull the track away from the body a bit, and essentially shim it from there with rubber or neoprene washers over the screws that are welded to the...
  10. whith

    Lifting a Quigley Chevy Bus

    I’m pretty confident you could get 2-3 inches of lift out of it easily and then run bigger tires adding a little more. Something more than that will involve new drop down brackets etc from Weldtec.
  11. whith

    Lifting a Quigley Chevy Bus

    Hmmm, they can't even supply the build sheet? They may not have parts for it still, but they could, I think, provide you with the build sheet so you could get part numbers and then decide what you needed to order from other places.
  12. whith

    Lifting a Quigley Chevy Bus

    What year is it? I used reindexed torsion keys for the front of mine and rear blocks can be had from Weldtec as has been mentioned or directly from Quigley. Turned out the keys that fit were from the latest model Hummer H2. Quigley will provide GM part numbers if you give them the VIN. I...
  13. whith

    Starting from scratch on a new build

    Boulder Offroad has a kit that can add a couple inches to 1500 vans. Inexpensive and easily installed or cheap to have installed. Bumpers will be a bit more of a challenge and will likely need something custom.
  14. whith

    Is new 2019 Sprinter AWD or 4x4?

    I could be wrong but I think that is essentially the same 4x4 setup since it was introduced here. Their 4matic system that can just be turned off and made 2wd.
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    Great idea. Any other covering options? I'm not sure my crew is ready for high grade leather so could you do something in one of the nicer vinyl (ok pleather) materials that some of the German automakers use? Its great for holding up against food and drink spills and is still feels reasonably...
  16. whith


    Nice! Those will look great on the Dmax you’re working on. Congratulations!
  17. whith


    Good luck at the show, hope you get a lot of attention and business. Really interesting stuff from BD diesel for Duramax vans. Looking forward to seeing more, particularly regarding upgrades for the 6l90 transmission.
  18. whith

    Roadtrek 190 4x4

    You'll get some better clearance obviously from just removing those side skirts and the front trim on the bumper. The top looks like a stock bumper so you may find that there are just some holes that need to be filled or left, may not be a big deal. Depending on how much you want to spend you...
  19. whith

    Going to Denver Any Good Van Shops To Visit?

    If you have a Chevy then Boulder is a must. They do some cool GM stuff and van stuff in general.
  20. whith

    Savana/ Express zéro offset swivel seats?

    That'd be great, thanks Len. My guess is that the switch on the side is in fact for a lumbar pump.