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  1. Desert Dan

    Fourwheel Camper Personalization

    That storage area looks great. Maybe make space for long items like a highlift jack or shovel etc? I want to see your platform and access lids.
  2. Desert Dan

    Tundra vs F150

    I want to see the Godzilla Super Duty :)
  3. Desert Dan

    Heavy Tundras choice of suspension

    Your truck looks great. Here are some pictures of the OME Dakar springs next to the stock springs and the Dakars without the extra leaf installed.
  4. Desert Dan

    What stopped my hardside on Elephant Hill

    Good times and great vehicles :)
  5. Desert Dan

    Heavy Tundras choice of suspension

    It rides pretty well. I have a Northstar TC 650 camper. I may put in the extra HD leaf if I need it. I only have about 20psi in the airbags. I put on TRD Pro front springs and shocks before I went the camper route. I have full skid plates as well.
  6. Desert Dan

    Heavy Tundras choice of suspension

    Do you have a camper etc.? Look into Old Man Emu Dakar rear springs and Firestone Air Bags. Use Daystar Cradles for off road work. I have OME Dakars but didn't add the extra leaf yet.
  7. Desert Dan

    2020 Ford Transit AWD

    A low range and center diff lock would be nice. Maybe they will make a Raptor Van ?
  8. Desert Dan

    What stopped my hardside on Elephant Hill

    At least you didn't damage the camper siding too bad or break out the window and frame. That UT mud can be pretty slick on the White Rim trail. We had chains on the rear tires and the front slid over toward the edge. I was able to back down and waited for the mud to dry out a bit. After an...
  9. Desert Dan

    Tundra vs F150

    I bought a Tundra for the reliability and because it was "dated". I wanted a V8 rather than a high revving eco boost with turbos etc. Too bad Toyota doesn't make a 3/4 or 1 Ton for the USA
  10. Desert Dan

    Michelin XC-4 7.50-16s Performance

    Those are great tires and they probably have a steel ply in the sidewall. Air down if you need more traction. I had some Pizza Cutter XC4 7.00x15s on my Willys for a while. I think 900x16s would be better on an F250. 750x16s look great on a Land Rover
  11. Desert Dan

    2020 Ford Transit AWD

    No low range and to low. It should give Transit Vans some competition and there are more Ford Dealerships around.
  12. Desert Dan

    Nevada Strip AKA Gold Butte National Monument

    Was the rocky stretch where you are pulling the Taco the Grand Wash Cliffs area?
  13. Desert Dan

    coffee pot

  14. Desert Dan

    Roll over angle

    Vintage Land Rover Operating Angle Testing
  15. Desert Dan

    F250/350 6.2L real world mpg?

    I wonder how Ford's Godzilla engine will do? Godzilla has push-rods 7.3 L = 445 cubes
  16. Desert Dan

    (partially) new Tundra coming?

    I wish they would make a 3/4 or 1 Ton Tundra.
  17. Desert Dan

    New GM Medium Duty trucks. available with 4x4.

    It looks similar to these?
  18. Desert Dan

    food storage

    Rubbermaid Action Packers are pretty good. Something that is waterproof and critter proof (small critters) is a good idea. I try to use one container for food and another for pots and pans and stove. Or go all out and get a Pelican Case.
  19. Desert Dan

    Should I buy this K20?

    It looks like an older body on a newer frame or with newer axles?
  20. Desert Dan

    Why doesn't anybody make a small truck with a 6.5 foot bed?

    Not a small truck but the Tundra has a 6.5 foot bed with the extra cab.