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  1. Joaquin Suave

    Driver's license for BIG trucks

    2X So I would say welcome to the central coast of California (Arroyo Grande) and if you come this way you are welcome at our place for a beer, burger and a place to park the truck.
  2. Joaquin Suave

    Big custom camper sightings

    Turpopilot... You must be the guy that John H. (Bens dad)told to me about! Welcome to the small brotherhood of San Luis Obispo "big adventure truck" owners! I'll PM you with my info...Give me a call if I can be of assistance in any way!
  3. Joaquin Suave

    Flatbed camper size-is 118" long by 105" wide absurdly large?

    2X Especially if you plan on driving much double-track.
  4. Joaquin Suave

    WOW.... 2008 Unicat Amerigo MXT for sale on eBay...$300k!

    !!!! Avi Meyers = 100% CLASS ACT !!!! Good luck on the sale Avi!
  5. Joaquin Suave

    Team Equipt is in Baja!

    You guys crack me up! What I was trying to express has absolutely NOTHING to do with Baja! In reality I encourage people to go explore Baja. My only claim to Baja is my 5 hectaries that I paid dearly for (from a Mexican family that I'm close friends with). I don't like the big developers or the...
  6. Joaquin Suave

    Team Equipt is in Baja!

    Shahram, I'm sorry you don't understand what I'm trying to say.
  7. Joaquin Suave

    Team Equipt is in Baja!

    LOL! I'm am a blue eye'd, silver haired gringo of Swiss desent...About as non-latino as non-latino can be!...That is except for my Alma & Corozon:sombrero: I believe it is about stewardship and wisdom ESPECIALLY when it comes to people that have as much cyber "presents" in the adventure world...
  8. Joaquin Suave

    Team Equipt is in Baja!

    I guess this shows that I'm a little long in the tooth! I've travelled by the legendary Baja Almanac for years (the rare big one) and the last time I was in Agua Verde (2004) there was only one road in and out and after the heavy rains it was FRICKEN scarey in Casa Azul. I heard stories about...
  9. Joaquin Suave

    Team Equipt is in Baja!

    Harald, I don't disagee you...But I believe there is such a thing as TOO MUCH SHARING! My opinion (and your know what opinions are like ;o)...Is that "spouting" about special places in Baja on the internet is a NO NO. And the people that do it usually are just trying to prove to the cyber...
  10. Joaquin Suave

    Team Equipt is in Baja!

    ***Moderators, please delete this post if you think that I am "pooping" in this thread**** BUT SERIOUSLY GUYS... What benefit are you expecting to get from "chirping" about the back way into Agua Verde???? Our any other "back way", "secret canyon", "hidden point break", or the "camp spot to...
  11. Joaquin Suave

    S&S M1078 LMTV on Government Liquidation

    Funny you shoud bring up the "Bad Boy" truck... The "bad boyz" that bought that truck and a 6x6 from S&S were actually BAD BOYS and pulled one over on S&S (as to what they were planning to do with the trucks)...And left such a paste in S&S's mouth, they refused to sell any more to the public. A...
  12. Joaquin Suave

    S&S M1078 LMTV on Government Liquidation

    My guess is there is something profoundly wrong with it. Otherwise it would have not made it onto "Gov. slimeballs". I believe there is a current re-manufacture program for LMTV's going on, so if its not going back for re-work...there must be wopper of a problem with it (Besides the Allison...
  13. Joaquin Suave

    C5500 TopKick 4x4 Crew Cab Build

    Why don't you email me the "perfect" dimensions and the aprox height off the ground, I'll model up set and we'll see if it can work. I think the I'll probably first offer them in aluminum (extrusions & billet),less bulky, lighter & more trick.
  14. Joaquin Suave

    Pics of your bike on your vehicle!!

    My adventure bike lives in the shower. I cover the saddle with a plastic bag when showering, otherwise no worries.
  15. Joaquin Suave

    C5500 TopKick 4x4 Crew Cab Build

    I dont think it is a huge stretch to imagine the stairs in any number of configurations. A person could even accommodate the stair slide within the floor joices of the box if the were building the box from scratch. I like EGN's setup but think I rather make the stairs side out the side and then...
  16. Joaquin Suave

    Internal Speedhubs!

    I have a Rohloff on my adventure bike.
  17. Joaquin Suave

    1977 Chinook Questions

    Here are some helpfull dimensions.
  18. Joaquin Suave

    C5500 TopKick 4x4 Crew Cab Build

    This is the "semi-custom" configuration I am now offering (I figure each truck builder is going to want different lengths, treads, etc.). Not the "sexiest" photos, but they have gotten years of testing.
  19. Joaquin Suave

    Carrizo Plains NM Day trip 4-26-10

    NO! I did not get paid for them!