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    BrandFx Fiberglass Topper/CamperService Bed Central IL $750

    PM replied to. Got some pics of it today as well
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    BrandFx Fiberglass Topper/CamperService Bed Central IL $750

    BrandFx fiberglass truck topper service bed. Fits 8 foot bed. All locks keyed the same. I have the key. Would make cool camper as well. $750 BrandFX Topper. It is 80" long, 44 1/2" high, and 60"wide. Door opening is 40" located in Springfield, IL 62704. Got a Suburban and no longer need, this so...
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    post your Suburban pics

    2004 Suburban LT. Just picked it up. 257K 5.3 4WD.
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    1986 Toyota 4Runner Baja Budget Build

    Love the setup, can't wait for more updates!
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    Reliability of Chevy Astro van AWD

    I had a gold 5-speed Astro couple years ago. Will check my old computer and see if I still have pics of it.
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    Sugar Cube Sami

    Nice setup
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    7.3 diesel Centurian Bronco.

    That thing is cool, but that price is not
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    SX4 Trail Ready Paragliding Expedition Vehicle

    Nice build. What Suzuki site our you on?
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    1973 Wagoneer - Full Size Camping Goodness

    Read this thread from the beginning over the last couple of days. Cool Jeep. Glad you have stuck with it. Look forward to what you do with the boomerang.