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    Rear license plate bracket loose

    Step up to a bigger size stainless screw and cover it with anti-seize before you thread it in.
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    1998 Montero Street Build

    I’ve often wondered about how much communication there is between the engine and’s not something that comes up very often but I guess it must else would a trans know when to shift at different rpm’s depending on load and driver demand? The trans must use...
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    1998 Montero Street Build

    Has anyone tried fitting the 6G74 with a turbo? The 3000GT had twin turbos.....seems like a source for turbos and ECU’s might already exist. Looks like the 3000GT had a 3 liter 6G72.....not sure how similar the hardware would be... Found the donor...
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    1998 Montero Street Build

    More info please on getting that v8 to fit in there! Have a camera and tripod handy, make it into a how-to!
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    Is a 200k Gen 2 worth buying?

    For what it’s worth, if I ever sell mine, I’d probably be asking 3500 and I’ve got a 1998 with a rebuilt (original) motor that has 20k on it, 210k on the odometer, rebuilt front end, everything works, no CEL, it needs nothing but upgrades. Routine maintenance is current, has some minor body...
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    99 Montero Gen 2.5 Fuel Efficiency Issue

    When I do this type of test I do it based on a full tank because I trust the pump shutoff more than my gas gauge. Fill it up until the trigger pops once. Zero out the trip odometer, drive as far as you want, then fill it up again to the first trigger pop. Odometer reading / gallons = mpg. I...
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    2002 Mitsubishi Montero XLS 3.5L Engine Codes

    If you have no history on the age of your o2 sensors it is worth it to replace them. Diagnosing other related problems is easier if you can trust what they are telling you. If you do replace them make sure not to contaminate the sensor tip during installation.
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    1998 Montero suspension parts

    Anyone have experience with Moog? Mine have been great for daily utility use and occasional off-road.....
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    3rd gen towing help

    Get a nice big tent instead.
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    Aftermarket Gen 2 Brake Master Cylinder Options?

    This is an incredibly simple sensor. Have you checked the connector yet? Spray it out with electronic cleaner.
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    Monty Just Died. I think.....

    Codes codes codes......
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    AC compressor and blower motor not working after heater core replacement

    Does the heater core job require you to discharge the refrigerant?
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    AC compressor and blower motor not working after heater core replacement

    Do you have the FSM? It explains the system in detail.
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    Exhaust recommendations?

    On this topic, I’m in the rust belt with a 98 and all I’ve ever needed to do was weld on some new hangers a few times and a new inlet pipe to the muffler. My whole system is still alive and well.
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    MOOG ball joints....

    This plus a legit impact wrench did the trick. I hate borrowing sh. Sorry everyone this isn't a Montero but learning is learning. Thanks everyone for the suggestions. BTW picture doesn't do it justice......that is a big **** clamp.
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    MOOG ball joints....

    Yes. It is in the spindle and I still cant overcome it. The end of the stud appeared to have a allen head in it so I tried putting one in there and hand turning with a wrench but nope.....the inside of the stud that I thought was an allen head just stripped.
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    MOOG ball joints....

    Here is the ba***rd I'm dealing with.
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    MOOG ball joints....

    Send some sorcery please.
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    MOOG ball joints....

    Not on my Montero but I figured I'd tap into the brains here and see what happens. I am installing new MOOG ball joints on a Volvo and they are the type that do not take a castle nut. The nuts that came with them have what look like messed up threads on them but they both had it and they are...