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    Titan swap vs ome vs Nisstec extended travel kit

    I have had a full OME lift (HD Front, MD Rear) for almost 100k miles. It is my DD and work/adventure rig. I like the setup very much. I've had zero issues with the stock front diff (r180). I'd say about 30% of the miles have been in 4wd, everything from gravel to forest service to 4x4 roads. No...
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    Is the tent still for sale? I am in the NO area and can stop by this evening?

    Is the tent still for sale? I am in the NO area and can stop by this evening?
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    Oztent RV-3 + Fly - pick up near New Orleans, like new condition

    is this still for sale. I am in new orleans. could stop by this evening.
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    Longevity and mileage

    Could someone tell me more about the catalyst failures and blown engines? Did some google searching but only really found info on this issue for early models 2006 - 2010. I have a 2013 with 85k on it. Pretty hard miles. Truck runs great, have had zero issues. I bought the truck new in 2013...
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    Some O.J. Reference: A Bronco Build

    This is awesome. I am building a Bronco right now for overland travel. It's a 93, OJ special.
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    Best source for Frontier OME suspension?

    Nope, nothing up front. Plan was an ARB with winch, but nothing yet. I have about 55k miles with that setup now. Hard for me to judge on the stiffness. I came from old jeeps and 1 ton trucks, plus it has been awhile. I have a Pro-4X model. I remember that I thought the stock suspension was way...
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    Best source for Frontier OME suspension?

    I went with HD up front and MD in the rear. Truck is all stock other wise. I really like the setup. I've put about 55k miles on this setup, with about 20k on gravel and 4x4 roads. Still rides great.
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    Best source for Frontier OME suspension?

    Nisstec. Bought all my OME Suspension through them. Great Service. Would do it again.
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    "Lola" - WreckDiver1321's 2005 Frontier CC/SB Nismo Build and Adventure Thread

    That is pretty much what I thought. I pretty much do the same thing in regards to the 4hi on dirt roads. Been reading the horror stories on the r180 diff. I do a bunch of back road, BFE traveling and the last thing I want to worry about is the front diff going south. I don't think I am hard on...
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    "Lola" - WreckDiver1321's 2005 Frontier CC/SB Nismo Build and Adventure Thread

    Question: When you are running these amazing dirt roads, especially the wet ones, are you in 4hi or 2hi? Also, I've read through your entire thread and forgive me if I missed it, but are you still running the r180 front diff and have you had any issues with it?
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    What Frontier Bed Rack

    bought it.
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    What Frontier Bed Rack

    well thats awesome. thanks for the information. sent him a PM on that forum. hopefully he has not sold it yet.
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    What Frontier Bed Rack

    No replies, look like i am gonna have to build my own. The rack base in other pictures on their website looks like a Frontrunner Rack, but I can't find anything on the supports.
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    What Frontier Bed Rack

    Picture from Hefty Fab's website. Can't find any information on the rack.
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    Post Pic's of your Jeep

    Where are you in Texas?
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    Help with JK Rubicon models (from a Land Cruiser guy)

    I have seen a number of posts here about how bad the 2011 JK is or how it is the "worst of both worlds". Just wondering why this is?
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    Custom Nissan frontier aluminum/tent camper FS

    If that deal doesn't go through shoot me a PM. I live in Texas and am from Midland.
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    what do jeep guys like as a truck?

    Nissan Frontier I own both. Jeep JKUR and a Frontier. Frontier is the DD. Great little truck.
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    4WD Question

    Not sure where to post this, but since I own a Jeep as well as other 4WDs, I'll post it here. I am sure this question as been asked and there even may be an article or two floating around that I cannot find. I googled this and read some about it, but I want to ask the Expo community. When...
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    SxS, UTV, ...

    You could always try one of these out. They say they are street legal.....