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  1. ginericLC

    SOLD! Yaseu FT 7900 Dual Band Ham

    Nice Score! I read it and thought to myself that is a good deal I should get another one for one of my other trucks.
  2. ginericLC

    99 100 series Land Cruiser

    No my folks are loving it.
  3. ginericLC

    99 100 series Land Cruiser

    It is now in Sheridan, Wyoming. My folks have it. I know they would probably sell it if asked so if anyone is interested send me an email and I'll put you in touch with them.
  4. ginericLC

    99 100 series Land Cruiser

    Thanks! It is definitely going some place next week. If it doesn't sell my mom wants it. I think she wants it more than my dad. So it might be running around Wyoming starting next week. My mom does not like their 4 door Tacoma. My dad wants it for hunting, mountains, etc... My mom wants...
  5. ginericLC

    99 100 series Land Cruiser

    1999 Toyota Land Cruiser 100 series 206k miles always Mobil 1 Vorfab front bumper Hella Optilux Fog Lights mounted in the lower section of the bumper Pro Comp Driving Lights (chips, but so far no leaks) Wire grill with 60 series Toyota Emblem Warn XD9000 winch Synthetic Winch Line Masterpull...
  6. ginericLC

    New Shoes on the 109

    The tires came off a 2011 HZJ79 that wasn't destine for the US that is for sure. However, things like that occasionally get misplaced and end up in US. I know where there are some more just sitting however access to them is not available at this time. I'm not sure they will ever leave their...
  7. ginericLC

    New Shoes on the 109

    For the coast of the ROAM brakes I'd just put Land Cruiser axles under it. It was hard resisting doing that. I wanted to keep it original though. And now that the brakes are 100% new: master, lines, hoses, all the wheel cylinders, etc... and bled I think they are OK. It is funny though when...
  8. ginericLC

    New Shoes on the 109

    That is funny. I wish my 109 seals aspired to seal. This I did know about I didn't go into it 100% blind.
  9. ginericLC

    New Shoes on the 109

    All the oil seals and the 109 brakes from hell.
  10. ginericLC

    New Shoes on the 109

    It is like trying to switch religions. And to be quite honest I am not sure I want to. It has been an interesting diversion.
  11. ginericLC

    New Shoes on the 109

    Last spring. I have mixed feelings about it. It is fun to drive but it is a pain to work on compared to my Land Cruisers. And I guess to be fair I've never owned a 1964 Land Cruiser, so some of it might be age related. There is something about it that makes you feel like you are on the edge...
  12. ginericLC

    New Shoes on the 109

    I just bought some new take off Bridgestone U Groove 7.5/16s for the 109 Diesel. It is so much happier now as it had 255/85/16s. 4th gear and the overdrive are actually usable again :) It is coming together nicely a few more little things and it should be done as far as I'm going to take it...
  13. ginericLC

    (SOLD) ENGEL MT-45 Fridge + Two-Zone top + Slide lock + Transit bag

    I was going to ask the same thing. 2 zones are tough to find these days.
  14. ginericLC

    ***Feeler:Eezi-Awn 1600 T-Top***

    OK, I see that you say the price reflects it but what is the price you are trying to get out of it?
  15. ginericLC

    Roof Top Tent - Eeze Awn 1800T - The best all season tent in the market.

    You might look at the thread date, this thread is from 2011.
  16. ginericLC

    Autohome Maggiolina Rooftop Tent ON LINE version

    What are the dimensions?
  17. ginericLC

    Your Choice: 2012 Overland SUV of the Year?

    This is an interesting group to choose from. Ultimately it would depend upon budget for me. But if the sky was the limit I'd probably go with the G wagon or Land Cruiser. If I had to live closer to my budget I'd probably go with the 4Runner over the Jeep but I'd give strong contention to the...
  18. ginericLC

    2008 Toyota Double Cab TRD (ID)

    SOLD, well sort of, it is headed down to one of the many Larry Miller dealerships in the SLC region. I'm not sure which one bought it, but it is going to be up for sale again down there through one of the dealers.