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  1. jkam

    Let's discuss the on board water storage setups.

    I have a standard class C RV. I have been living full time in it for more than 11 years now. It's a Lazy Daze so they built it right. I have 60 gallons under my couch, for a 24 ft. RV that is pretty good. To offset the weight, LD put the house batteries and the generator on the other side. The...
  2. jkam

    Helmet assist - best Bang for the Buck

    I don't know about bang for your buck, but I've been wearing Schuberth helmets for about 15 years now and have been reasonably happy with them. Concept to C2 and now using a C4, improvements along the way have been nice but the price has gone way up from really expensive to just plain nuts. But...
  3. jkam

    How Far Can You Go?

    1978 Mercedes 240D. Main tank 18 gallons. Aux. fuel tank in trunk, 15 gallons. 33 gallon total. I have gone 928 without refueling, reserve light not yet on. I think I can squeeze 1000 out of it on the right roads.
  4. jkam

    Any longtime riders quit for good?

    I live full time in a small class C RV. Instead of having to tow a vehicle, I chose to carry a small dual sport motorcycle on a rack. This has been my exploration, grocery getter, and laundry transport rig for more than 11 years. It has been cheap to keep, allow me to still enjoy motorcycling...
  5. jkam

    Anybody know about the Chevy G30?

    I had an 86 G30 with a Pathfinder 4x4 kit. It was a decent rig, no real issues other than the condition I got it in. The nice thing about that vintage of van is they made a bunch of them and didn't have too many changes along the way. That made it easier for me to correct some the things on...
  6. jkam

    fridge size for full timing

    I have been living full time in my RV for over 11 years now. It has a 6 cu. ft. RV fridge / freezer. The freezer is important for me. It had to be big enough for my Tequila to fit in, along with an ice cube tray. I like ice cream and keep a few pints in there as well. The fridge keeps a lot of...
  7. jkam

    New Inflatable Thermal Layer - Thoughts?

    I had a Rukka Airpower suit that had a liner that did that. The technology isn't new, my suit was from 2008. I don't remember what it was called at the time but it worked OK. Overall, I'd rather layer up my clothing as needed. I found the Rukka suit too complicated and sold it.
  8. jkam

    E4OD advice

    I have a 96 with the 460 and the E4OD. Mine went out at 97,000 miles, which I've come to learn is about the average for these. Mine is in an RV, it gets pretty warm if you leave it in overdrive in certain conditions. I have a ScanGuage now to monitor temps and when it starts to get hot, I drop...
  9. jkam

    UJOR Build Thread

    G'day Chris. I see levelers on the RV. What, if anything is done to make them useful with the lifted rig?
  10. jkam

    4x4 1990 Pierce Rescue Truck. Oregon

    This looks like it could be a good start for a camper conversion of some kind. 4x4 1990 Pierce Rescue Truck - $29000
  11. jkam

    What are some of the most reliable old vehicles?

    My 240D was a one owner car when I got it. They must have been reasonably wealthy because they did European delivery. In 1978 that must have been something. First service is a shop in Dusseldorf, I have a complete history of the car from day one. It did need some things like the dreaded vacuum...
  12. jkam

    What are some of the most reliable old vehicles?

    My daily driver is a 1978 Mercedes 240D. One of the most reliable cars ever made. Simple ,easy enough to work on and will outlast most of us here. Mine has an auxiliary fuel tank in the trunk, giving me a 1000 mile range. For a 40 year old car it has reasonable features that make it still nice...
  13. jkam

    Pan American Van

    Back in 2001 when I rode down on a motorcycle through central and south America, there were a lot of Ford E 350 extended vans, many used as tourist transportation. Some were 4x4 and some were just 2wd, all had the 7.3 power stroke engine. I think that Ford would have good service facilities and...
  14. jkam

    Adventure Airplane w/ Motorcycle

    If I could afford it, I'd get a Grumman Albatross, plenty of room to live in one of those and carry a nice 250 along.
  15. jkam

    Adventure Airplane w/ Motorcycle

    This is a great idea and well done. I like the way you think. I have always wanted an amphibious airplane capable of carrying a motorcycle and big enough to actually live in. Traveling all over the world with that setup would be pretty awesome.
  16. jkam

    1991 Toyota Land Cruiser. JDM Turbo Diesel. Oregon.

    Land Cruiser Factory Turbo Diesel! - $17500 (Ashland) I am already lamenting the loss of this truck before even posting it! For the moment, just putting out feelers to gauge interest in this rare and awesome rig. It's a JDM imported 1991 Land Cruiser (It's 100% legal with a clean Oregon...
  17. jkam

    1989 Mercedes Vario. 1989 mercedes vario super sprinter)9000 orig miles - $25000Selling my personal van. Imported from germany. Stored inside entire life in german fire station. 9000 original miles must see to believe. Like brand new...
  18. jkam

    Lifting and jacking?

    I have often thought that one of these exhaust bag jacks would be a handy item to keep on board.
  19. jkam

    Who has done the Pan Am on motorcycle and can share some helpful tips

    If you are not on Adventure Rider, join. Then go to the forum with the regions you will be traveling through. If you can figure out a route that would take you to places that people are willing to help store your bike. you might be able to stitch together a plan. Maybe have to leave it in...
  20. jkam

    Who has done the Pan Am on motorcycle and can share some helpful tips

    Probably, but it will be expensive. A guy over on Adventure Rider made contact with some people along his way and made arrangements with them to keep his bike until he returned. You make friends along the way and learn about the local customs. Worked out very well for him so you might consider...