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  1. morrisdl

    EVOCORSE DAKARZERO 18"x8.5" Land Rover LR4 5x120 ET:35

    TO BE CLEAR: 17" wheels would "likely" only fit LR3/4 with V6 brakes. The calipers are the same as the V8, but need new hangers and rotors. refence parts: V6 Front Brake Caliper Carrier Part# SEH500010 V6 Rear Brake Caliper Carrier Part# SXP500013X and V6 rotors (and new pads same as v8)...
  2. morrisdl

    Anyone attending Rovers at Wintergreen?

    Ill be there Sat for the morning ride...Looking forward to my 1st RAW! Safe (and reliable) travels everyone. I had this happen this week - Luckily in my garage and not on the trail! Everyone knows true Rovers leak ;-)
  3. morrisdl

    Anyone attending Rovers at Wintergreen?

    GAP is always a good suggestions. This is close to home for me and I have always wanted to go...Ill try my best to be there. My neighbor has a stock LR3, Are there any easy-enough trails for that?
  4. morrisdl

    Colb's Red Rover

    Looks like a nice improvement to approach angle too. Just curious, how does the cost of custom compare to something off-the-shelf?
  5. morrisdl

    LR4 Hidden Winch: HF DIY Install

    I ran the ground to the same chassis stud that the battery grounds too. Its a bitch to get to, but the correct thing to do. Both of my +&- wires run around the top of the engine compartment and fit though the far passenger side seam between the lid base. I didnt have to cut anything to get to...
  6. morrisdl

    Expo East Cool Rides Contest

    Done. Good luck tonight!
  7. morrisdl

    2020 Defender Spy Shots....

    @DieselRanger FYI, no pics in your post
  8. morrisdl

    Broke and striped rocker bolts (LR3)

    you could, but (if i am understanding you) it would no longer protect the compressor. this is important protection to me. Over the past 11 years...mine has several scars there that would have demolished the air suspension. I just had mine off to reshape that section back to allow clearance. I...
  9. morrisdl

    Broke and striped rocker bolts (LR3)

    Webster NY Land Rover did the same thing to one of mine 10 years ago.... :mad: The remaining bolts have held up, but I have heard of a local guy that could JB weld and tap new threads in mine.
  10. morrisdl

    2007 LR3 - my 10 yr build thread...

    Well done JWest! Pic 6 is impressive flex. Are you still using LLAMS electronic trickery or just GAP IID to set the height? What size are your BFG? Jason should give you some swag...I think you just sold us on the strut spacers.
  11. morrisdl

    LR4 Hidden Winch: HF DIY Install

    For reference, I swapped out my HF 12K winch for a Warn VR12. The HF 15 sec use / 15 min cool down cycle was too limiting for me. I kept the HF mount and wireless controller.
  12. morrisdl

    37's on a Range Rover Sport

    Here it is: About $5,500 over market compared to a similar cars (2014 RRS SC).
  13. morrisdl

    Project Victory_Overland 08 LR3 Build Thread!

    Good call on the 17"! Im heading the same path!! I know you already did the v6 brake reduction, but want to make the clear for any casual forum spectators.
  14. morrisdl

    Share a photo of your dirty Landy

    Three different occasions come to mind...
  15. morrisdl

    LR3 cracked dashboard thread

    wait, what? "one guy who jammed a Defender body on an LR4"??? links to pics?
  16. morrisdl

    New product from Proud Rhino! The SYA Off Road Extension Kit

    Did these ever get created?
  17. morrisdl

    Considering a swap from LR4 to HiLux / Tacoma

    As my LR3 ages, I have often considered the same move. Really the 4runner is closer comparison to Discovery3/4.
  18. morrisdl

    LR4 18" tire size and i really apologize for starting a new tire thread.

    I can roll slowly on my 275x65r18 Duratracs on the bumpstops.
  19. morrisdl

    Looking for an '06+ LR3 with HD package...

    Id sell you my 2006 w/locking rear diff for $20k too ;-)
  20. morrisdl

    1980 280GE SWB Barn Door Truck FOR SALE

    Really nice looking ride. GLWTS