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    Inflatable Kayaks

    I have a Sea Eagle... check them out. Joel Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    Inexpensive Roof Rack Awning - $45

    great job!!! joel
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    **SOLD** Day Light Awning - Suction or Rack Mount (San Diego)

    someone get this... i bought an inno branded one from a forum member and paid more. they look pretty similar and a great price. just don't let the bulk get to you... it is not as cool as an arb or ironman but it will shade you from the sun! the price is awesome. joel
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    dead goal zero

    i had the same problem... goal zero has a replacement battery on their www site. i think it was $50. definitely keep those charged! joel
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    Truck Bed Storage System

    Great work!!! Joel
  6. J

    My first truck happens to be a 89 4runner!

    Great work! Have you tried a heat gun or hair dryer to help the process along? Joel
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    Inno Retractable Awning New

    Interested. I will PM. Joel
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    The Great Camp Chair Debate

  9. J

    Recommend a charcoal BBQ for travel

    great... another thing to get :) thanks!!! joel
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    Thatsalexus' Garage Sale

    Pick up is fine... we'll figure it out! Joel
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    Any Fjällräven fans on here?

    I don't know enough about the product line but look to see if the pants are RAW... you can then have them tailored to you. Just look at the ends of the pant legs... if they are unfinished then they are RAW. Joel
  12. J

    Thatsalexus' Garage Sale

    Is the Ozark Trail Privy the shower thingy? If so, $25? I'm in San Marcos. Joel
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    Any Fjällräven fans on here?

    I bought some pants from TheClymb. Pretty pricey but there was definitely a savings. I really like them. They came with a raw cut so I have to have them hemmed to shorten them but I don't mind as I'll get the proper length. Joel
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    What to look for when buying a 3rd gen 4runner

    3rd gen... It should be obvious, but check the rear springs for sagging. Joel Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
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    Yakima FatCat 6 Ski/Snowboard Mounts

    Great news. I will PM you regarding payment tonight. My cousin is interested. Joel
  16. J

    Yakima FatCat 6 Ski/Snowboard Mounts

    also, are the specific to yakima round bars? or, can they be installed onto factory oval / wing shaped cross bars? thank you, again. joel
  17. J

    Yakima FatCat 6 Ski/Snowboard Mounts

    thank you. i will get back to you shortly. i am in san marcos, ca... 92069. joel
  18. J

    Yakima FatCat 6 Ski/Snowboard Mounts

    hi, are all the bits and pieces included??? joel
  19. J

    Subaru - All Season vs All Terrain

    i would just add... depending if you have TMPS sensors, you might want to consider a second set of wheels and tires. i had an '05 forester 2.5x and now a '12 outback 2.5 prem. i drive a lot!!! at least 24k miles pretty much all highway and would hate to lose 2-3mpgs. when i have my roof...
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    Locking a RTT to top of car

    post pics of the outback with the RTT!!!! :) joel