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    Wireless charging for phones

    Anyone found a wireless qi charging solution for use in the vehicle? ideally something that would work with a RAM mount? I was hoping I could find something that would fit under my iPhone in my X-shaped RAM mount, but so far I haven't see anything. Several kinda cheesy plastic mounts with...
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    Caution: Inreach SE SOS button can be activated even if locked

    Check out this unfortunate event, where an accidental activation cost some traveller tons: I intend to leave mine off when possible.
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    Backroad Map Books PDF editions 20% off via Avenza Maps

    The excellent Canadian mapping resource Backroad Mapbooks stuff is available for 20% off right now if you buy them to use in Avenza's app, so in the US that's $16 instead of $20 for say the Canadian Rockies one, or S AB, or whatever...
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    Any hams here using DMR (digital mobile radio) units?

    I'm wondering about using DMR, especially out in the boonies. I've seen one demo'd and the quality is phone-like. But it seems it would be meh to use out in wilder places. But maybe I'm missing something; I'm pretty unfamiliar with it.
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    Avenza alternatives?

    I used Avenza's PDF Maps app, but apparently now I cannot import my maps any longer without a subscription. Kinda blows for what is just a PDF viewer with GPS coordinates. Any good alternatives that can use georeferenced PDFs? any way to get the Avenza maps I bought out of that app?
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    Costco: inexpensive down quilts

    Some of you might be interested in these Costco down quilts; 700 fill duck down 60"x70", two for $30US.
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    FS Dualsport jackets, pants in SF Bay Area

    I've got a Hein Gericke jacket XL and Fieldsheer jacket and pants XL for sale over on Craigslist: And some leathers too: And a ton of...
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    OK...finally time for the Inreach Explorer

    I've whined here a couple of times about issues with contacting emergency roadside services, something we as offroaders would be concerned with. I didn't want an Inreach because none of the ERS providers would dispatch from a user who texted (some will do so by app). I contacted some and it was...
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    Photo hosting sites

    I'm wondering what people here recommend for a photo hosting site for an amateur. I've got a lot of stuff at Flickr, but I'd like a site where I could use my own domain, and where I could put up more info than just photos (and besides, who knows what's gonna happen with Yahoo maybe dumping...
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    Delorme Inreach SE/Explorer price drops

    Delorme is offering a rebate through the end of the year; $75US or $50US off the Explorer or SE respectively. Of course you still have to pay for the communications plan to use them effectively and that doesn't seem discounted. Cheapest price I saw for the SE was $270 at B&H before the rebate...
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    goTenna over on Reddit

    One of the goTenna people is doing an IAMA on Reddit that's rather interesting: It's a device that connects to another goTenna via MURS, and each is interfaced by a smartphone. Sort of...
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    goTenna over on Reddit

    One of the goTenna people is doing an IAMA on Reddit that's rather interesting: It's a device that connects to another goTenna via MURS, and each is interfaced by a smartphone. Sort of...
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    iOS has GPS-enabling "airplane mode"

    I guess I haven't been paying attention, but turns out in iOS 8.3 Apple has changed the Airplane Mode to allow GPS. Not that I fly, but this means you can disable voice, etc to save power and only use the GPS function. Previously it was more of an all-or-nothing approach. I got the info from...
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    Text/SMS savvy emergency roadside service?

    I've asked this before, but it's been a while. Does anyone know of an emergency roadside service (like AAA, Good Sam, your insurer, etc) that provides service via text messaging, or maybe via text from inside its own app? I ask because first, text is more reliable with spotty cell coverage...
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    One gallon square water containers?

    I need a water container that's square, made of HDPE for water storage, and is one gallon. I'd like something like the one gallon gas containers, which are a perfect fit, but have plastic that imparts a bit of a taste since I guess the one I tried is polyethylene. And the spout was awful. Seems...
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    Garmin map recommendations

    Are the Garmin TOPO 24k or 100k maps worth getting? They look kinda old. I don't use automatic routing much, and probably would prefer to download their raster maps. I've been doing that with GaiaGPS and it works fine for me (although Gaia does have a better selection of maps). They are...
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    FYI: Garmin Oregon 600 on sale at REI for $219 Touchscreen, very viewable in bright light, compass, atmospheric barometer, can connect to heartrate monitor, microSD slot, etc. That's about $100 off. While they last.
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    Handheld GPS without maps

    I am seeking a GPS unit to use for geotagging photos. But of course it would be nice to use it for more than that (and yes, I have a smartphone that'll do GPS but it isn't working out for me so let's not go offtopic on that issue). At first I thought perhaps I could kill two birds with one...
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    Instapark Mercury 27W portable solar panels

    Has anyone used the Instapark Mercury27 portable solar panels? They're a 27 watt four panel folding system, with USB 2.1A and 12v outputs. Otherwise fairly minimal with no battery and such (which I don't need, I even have a spare controller). Look like decent deal @ $130US Amazon, $109 eBay. But...
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    Canadian campground application for Macs

    Mr. Modesitt has released his Mac OS application for Canadian campgrounds: ... 3545?mt=12 It's based on, a HUGE database of campgrounds. I have the Mac OS version of the US campgrounds and it is hard to...