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  1. Doc_

    Sleeping under campershell?

    Sleeping in the bed of my pickup with my camper has been a staple of my schtick for a long time, it works really well. Definitely insulate your rig for cold weather and build some kind of platform for keeping you off the cold metal. As far as overall thoughts go, I love the convenience of it. At...
  2. Doc_

    Just Picked up my first Overland project truck!!! 1996 T100, 3.4, 4x4, 240,000 miles. What to do first?

    T100s are awesome, congratulations on your score! As one T owner to another, the biggest PITA with these trucks is that almost nobody makes anything for them. There are few bolt-on mods or improvements that can be easily done. Regardless, if you have a death wheel and some creativity then won't...
  3. Doc_

    1994 2nd Gen Hilux Surf 3.0 turbodiesel 'Sasquatch'

    Nice front bumper! I really like the looks of your surf, it's a thoughtfully built truck.
  4. Doc_

    1st or 2nd Gen

    I'd go with the first gen Tundra. I love the extra space my T100 offers, and the Tundra has a little but more.
  5. Doc_

    Doc's Daily: a '96 T100.

    It's been a long time since I've posted any updates on my T100, or really even done anything of note on this board. I have some sad news from 2018 and grand plans for 2019 to share before I try and get back on track. To begin with, many of you may be familiar with the Tubbs Fire that ravaged...
  6. Doc_

    Snow Wheeling 101 Class: Held by Mule Expedition Outfitters // #NitroGear

    That looks like fun! I'd love to take a course like that someday!
  7. Doc_

    95C1500 Intro and Build Thread

    Very nice C1500! My folks' family car was an '89 K1500 excab with a band of that shade of brown down the middle. They're good, honest trucks. I like the heated mirror addition, that's a clever idea.
  8. Doc_

    2WD Overland Thread

    I'm currently rocking the one-legger lifestyle until I have enough money to swap in my D44:
  9. Doc_

    GM 14-bolt axle. Santa Rosa, CA - $500

    Selling off an extra from my parts pile. This is a mid-70's 14-bolt rear from a running and driving K10. Drum brakes, semi-float, supposed to be a 4.10:1 R&P. I don't see a tag on the end, so I believe it's an open diff. Spring perches are set up for SOA. This is a tough piece of iron that's an...
  10. Doc_

    Nullacruising: Los Angeles, CA to Eurasia-Africa and Beyond

    I remember you guys from Ih8mud, I'm glad to see that NullaCruiser is still around, and carrying you to new adventures!
  11. Doc_

    Don't Throw Your Life Away - Battling Marine Debris from Alaska to Panama

    Thanks for sharing your journey with us. I have to confess that I've kept your writeup as a pinned tab on my desktop at work to squeeze in a few moments of happiness and escapism whenever things go sideways. Thank you for endeavoring to leave the world cleaner and better than you'd found it...
  12. Doc_

    Highway 1 Trip

    I've done a few legs of Hwy 1 in Ca. Fort Bragg is always a go-to stopover. I'm also a yoooge fan of Muder, She Wrote, so a stop in Mendocino is obligatory. Further Up where 101 and 1 meet is The Lost Coast. You can have an awesome day hike or backpacking trip out there, if that's your thing...
  13. Doc_

    Doc's Daily: a '96 T100.

    Part 2 of the mirror swap. Sanding and prepping for paint: Fresh semi-gloss paint; My first coat turned out great, but the next round shrank instantly, so I had to wet sand it down and start over. The finished product is far from perfect, but I'm happy with them. Routing wiring...
  14. Doc_

    New T100

    The T100 Renaissance is upon us! I used to have a 40-series, and I've been trying to get a "T100 wave" going like how Cruiserheads (and Jeepers) wave at each other on the road; but every T100 driver I wave at just looks at me like 'dafuq?'.
  15. Doc_

    New T100

    Isn't it weird seeing a nearly identical rig to yours on the road? I thought that I'd had the whole white T100/green camper shell thing locked down, but I saw one on my way up to Tahoe a few months back.
  16. Doc_

    New T100

    The 5-speed T100 life is pretty awesome. Not gonna lie.
  17. Doc_

    Joyota , my cj5 i guess its a "gladiator" build now

    dude. just... dude. following this build.
  18. Doc_

    New T100

    Sweet T100! Welcome to the club! Finding such a pristine rig with so few miles is pretty extraordinary. I'm really looking forward to seeing what you do with it. These are really capable trucks, and basically anything you do to a third-gen truck can be done to one of these things.
  19. Doc_


    That's a great writeup! I especially liked your closing line, whenever I go backpacking, I feel exactly the same: I've never been so happy being miserable. Thank you for sharing!