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  1. firesq14

    Transmission gauge

    Hello all, 99 suburban here. Looking to add a trans gauge. Have no idea how I would do this. Where would I add the connection? It is the.... Hmmmm 460le.? I know it is the new 700r one just having a senior moment trying to remember. Thanks, Chris
  2. firesq14

    looking at maybe finding a landrover defender 2 for my next expo.

    hello all, looking at maybe finding a landrover defender 2 for my next expo. wanted to know your thoughts on reliablity, cost on maintance, avaliblitiy of parts and toys?! i love the defenders but those are waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay out of my $$$, so the 2's might be the way to go. i have a 99 burb...
  3. firesq14

    looking for gm 15x8 steel wheels

    hello everyone, i am looking for gm 15x8 6 lug, if anyone has or knows where i can buy them thank you Chris
  4. firesq14

    adding a snorkel to a 99 burb

    hello all, i finally have decided to add a snorkel to my burb. i have seen many mounted on several burn and Tahoes. i will have to look for the landrover P# again but that is what i will be using. the question to all you who have installed one is, airflow. will it be to much or juuuuust right...
  5. firesq14

    six lug steel military blazer wheels

    hello all, looking for the six lug, 8in wide steel wheels used on the military blazers of the 70-80s. they have the four steel nipple style clips that will hold the old baby moons or dog dish center caps. i will try to add a picture in the next day or two. thanks Chris
  6. firesq14

    scepter gas cans want!!!

    hello all, looking for scepter gas cans.... thank you Chris
  7. firesq14

    wanted chevy six lug 8 inch wide steel wheels

    hello all, not sure where to post this so, i am looking for a set of steel six lug, 8in wide wheels. i have found many 6in wide. these were mostly on the late 70s and 80s military blazers that also became town vehicles. thanks chris
  8. firesq14

    tire sizes for new england winters

    hello everyone, thanks for all the info on my other posts. sooo i run 33x12.5x15 on my burb for the summer time. i was thinking of going to 31x10.5x15 or to 265 75 16(stock lt for picks) i would like to find tires that would be the same height as the 33s but that will fit on 6-6.5 steel rim. i...
  9. firesq14

    winch wars

    ok thanks for the thoughts on the shocks....blistien is what i am going with. new poll. looking at a winch, why, because, why not. so as i have said i have a 99 burb, going to the junk yard to get a new GVW slip. what are your thoughts on brands? i have seen many many out there and i just do not...
  10. firesq14

    shocks for a burb?

    99 burb(soon to have pic up) i have 6yrs old ranchos... dead. what would be the best replacement? i have been leaning to blistien. 2.5 lift to the front and 3 in the rear. what are your thoughts?
  11. firesq14

    hi lift jack case

    hello jeepsters, i have purchased a 48" hi lift. i have been looking around for case for it. i came acrossed the jack guard. i called and got an out of service number. does anyone know if the company jackgaurd is out of business or do they have a new number? thanks guys... and ladies
  12. firesq14

    hi lift jack case.

    so after buying a 48" hi lift i was looking for a case for it. i came across the jack guard. a hard abs type case. lookss really great. Buuuuut after calling the company and getting a out of service number, does anyone know if they have a new number or are they forever gone?!!?
  13. firesq14

    homemade trailer braking

    hello all, what i have is a 94 chevy truck made into a trailer. what i want to do is put a braking system on it. not sure how i would do this. i have looked on the net and so far only have found "conversion" kits from drum to disc. if i have to do that fine. but what i do not know is the...
  14. firesq14

    shocks for 99 half ton burb

    hello all, time to replace my worn out rancho shocks. what i have is a "stock" 99 half ton burb. having said that though, i have a torsin bar Lift to the front, which added 1.5 inch to the front. on the rear added a leaf and the factory 3/4 ton burb spacer block, which added 2in on the rear...
  15. firesq14

    steel wheels

    hello all, i am looking for a set or two of 15x8 6lug steel wheels for my burb. i have already the blazer rallys. i am looking for the other ones that are full steel and can take a baby moon hub cap. thanks
  16. firesq14

    90s style barndoor/lift gate conversion

    hello guys... and ladies. does anyone know if there is a barn door/lift gate converion for the 90s style burbs?
  17. firesq14

    tire arm struts?

    hello all. i am in the process of drawing up a bi-fold spare tire rack for my burb. i would like to use the "hinge type struts to keep the swing arms open. i cannot figure out how i would measure this to purchace the proper length. any ideas?
  18. firesq14

    dual battery install???

    :smiley_drive:i have a 99 suburban 1500. looking to install a dual battery system. googled and googled for a long time and cannot find anything on it. any help would be great. thank guys... and ladies :smiley_drive::smiley_drive: