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    Jeep trailer is done

    The original build took me about 5 months on this, but it has been sitting since the beginning of the summer. I had about 20 hours of work left to finish it and then it was off to paint and for bedliner. But it is all done. Here is the original build thread...
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    Trailer builds with internal fenders

    I am about to start building my trailer, and was debating doing partially internal fenders like an M1101 or 3. Maybe the more appropriate word is "wheel well" Anyone done that? I couldn't find any builds done that way. It would add maybe 8-12 inches internally for storage. I was thinking...
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    Offroad trailer build on 40's.

    I have been lurking on here for quite a while, but now I am ready to final build a trailer. I am not really sure what you would call it other than multipurpose. I plan on using it for the following; Offroad camping, hauling crap to my cabin, and hauling luggage out of town to go Jeepin. It...