‘18 JKU build in East Tennessee


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Hi all. Obviously new here. This past August I ordered a 2018 JKU Sahara in Gobi (hence double-desert). Took possession in early October. About 3500 miles thus far. I have been absolutely impress with it and very happy with the choice. Actually, wife got jelly and ordered one as well but it's a Willy's in Granite.

This is not a mall crawling JK by no means and I have some very serious overlanding plans for it. I've off roaded it several time since getting the Jeep and it has not come close to getting stuck.

So far with the build:

J8 style front bumper DIY

CB with humvee antenna mount

MOPAR light bar with quadratec LED set

Various grab bars

Currently working on:

Removed rear seats and am laying down DIY platforms to make better cargo and sleeping area.

Rear J8 bumper

Install of a Icom IC-7200 for some serious comms (General class and first licensed in 1993 at 14)

IPad mini 4 gps set up on a DIY ram mount system.

Tire mount system sort of like the vector off-road solution but a bit more modular.

Other stuff as it tickles my fancy. I'm planning a trip in summer of 18 to Prudhoe Bay so I need to have the bugs worked out by then. This is a solo trip since my wife is too city slicker for such an adventure lol. But she has thrown herself into helping me jazz up the Jeep as it needs to be. While I'll be solo, I would not mind a small convoy if a few overlanders want to link up. I'll work the dates out in the next few months.

I'm currently on an iPad so pictures will either be on here now or may have to wait. I'm hoping to take lots of pictures of the build but I tend to get tunnel vision and forget to do that. Ask for them and I will.




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Finally got the rear deck finished up. Went with 3/4 inch board I had in my storage shed. Was originally going to go full length but decided that a 60% length like the seats gave better options. The hole left by the jump seat allows for a deep pocket for my daily backpack and action packer.

I fabed the brackets and used 1 1/2 inch pvc pipe for supports. Bolted end caps to the underside of the deck and the. To the floor pan using the factory bolts. Very solid deck now. Bought black automobile carpet and painted the hardware black to make it sort of appear factory at a glance.

On to the next project.....






Formerly Double-Desert
Been a while:

Bed lined the grill.

Recon wheel set because they look badass.


Just picked up a M416A1. C0B1CAE3-98A0-40DF-8633-EA3173008752.jpeg

Jerry can/ antenna spare tire mount. homebrew and turned out really well.

Other smaller stuff and mostly just working on local trails. Getting more familiar with what I can do with it.
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Realized that I posted an older pic of the J8 inspired front bumper that I had not installed the factory fog lamps yet. Also a better pic of the Jerry can/ Antenna mount.

17B3F281-F119-4B27-AB69-3C1611E6A202.jpeg 6A34F501-9D5D-4C55-A095-42DF1B8FB64C.jpeg EB804453-C087-450E-BA1A-FFED834DA696.jpeg 7D769195-A7C1-4476-B7E6-CD2F87F066F3.jpeg
Keep in mind the weight limit on the spare is 85 pounds. I believe your wheel/tire combo is about 75, leaving about 10 pounds capacity to play with.
  • A gallon of water weighs about 8.34 pounds
  • A gallon of gasoline weighs about 6.3 pounds

There are several great solutions for upgraded hinges including MORryde and Teraflex.



Build is looking good!