'02 Tacoma & '09 FWC Camper Combo


The 12v accessory plug with rocker switch and indicator light is routed under the console and through a factory-provided all-weather port. The cable is for an electric blanket or other accessory inside the camper which you would like to run while driving the vehicle. I installed it for winter touring at night so I could flip on the electric blanket about 15-20 minutes out from our destination to warm the bed to make the transition from car seat to bed a little easier on Mom.


NEWS FLASH: Am leaving the country on short notice for work so am interested in offers. Would like to sell the camper and truck or either separately rather than let them sit idle in storage for a year. Leaving Florida 26 September so on a tight timeline.


Your pm box is full.

If your interested in a partial trade for a motorcycle thats easier to store pm me back:). Its a 2006 vrod with 3000 miles plus cash on top.


Sorry about that -- cleaned out my Inbox.

I'm sure the Vrod is a lovely motorcycle but unfortunately I would not have a use for it. Nonetheless, thank you for the interest.


OK, let me caveat my previous posts. I am taking serious offers. As much as I would like to give things away, I am somewhat limited on how much joy I can spread in the world before I compromise my own.

Unfortunately, due to work I do not have adequate time available to work with folks who are still sorting through a lot of variables.

If you're interested in a clean, well-maintained FWC camper and are ready to purchase, please reach out. If not, then please allow me to focus on getting myself and my family ready to be apart for a year while I work overseas.

No desire to be contentious or snooty...just trying to be clear.

If I don't sell the truck and/or camper, they will sit in covered RV storage for the year alongside my XPCamper.


PENDING SALE on the camper.

Uncertain about the Tacoma...may take it off the market and keep it. It's bombproof, has scant mileage and is in cherry condition. However, may also give my neighbor (motor head) a POA to sell it while I'm gone. Don't really need a Rocky Mountain-configured pick up in Florida. A Mazda Miata would be a better fit for my daily commute. More to follow on the Tacoma next week.

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