'02 Trooper conflicting reports on max tire size w/no lift.

I've got a stock '02 Trooper with stock sized (245/70R16) tires on it that are bald as heck. Running stock rims.

Getting some new all-terrains next weekend, and was gonna go with the 265/75R16 (31.6") but have seen a few posts on the inturdwebz that the owner has had to do a little massaging of the body to get them to fit.

I see a 1.5" lift in my future, but not for now. Should I go ahead and get the 265/70R16 (30.6") just to be sure it'll fit? I have to order the tires so need to make a decision soon.

Thanks much!
32's fit not problem on stock rims. I've had 265/75r16 on a stock trooper and they didn't rub at all. I agree 235/85r16's are a good choice too. You could even fit some 255/85r16's too if you want closer to a 33", but you might have to take off the front mud flaps, but not real cutting up the body or fenders.

I've got 35's with a 1" BL and 3" suspension lift with just some minor trimming.
Awesome, thanks everyone for the replies. I ordered up some 265/75R16’s that are being installed next weekend! Merry Christmas!

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