06 E350 with side door stand up body, not 4WD but lifted with rear locker, SoCal


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I love this vehicle, a well built 2WD can do soo much more than a converted 4WD. I agree completely with the sellers build. He wanted a smooth ride for BAJAs rough gravel. Reducing UNSPRUNG weight is the solution.

And the interior, I've always had a made up bed ready to sleep in. Just never considered doing it over a massive rear storage cabinet. This really is a kick ass camper van. It might only dine one inside but hey, thats how I travel. Incredible amount of space in a tiny footprint.

Only changeI'd like is a recessed inside step at the entry.....


But if his black water tank is in the way..... I'd adapt.
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On the 4WD vs 2WD thing, I could not get up a snow covered driveway in 4WD, I put on chains and idled up that driveway in 2WD towing a trailer. There are ways to make 2WD superior. On one switchback, I needed 2WD to turn the corner..... or another set of chains.
While I agree it does look really nicely done, from looking at the pictures. Just strange coming from the seller. Box van
let’s keep it civil, unless I’m missing something.
Was more of a joke than anything, but also an opportunity for a bump up to the top. The fact that I spent hundreds of hours building this van, and knowing the quality of my work ( I think it shows in the photos and my wiring) I don’t take kindly to people being critical of my asking price, which I think is very fair considering how much overpriced junk there is out there.

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