06 GX vs 05 Land Cruiser


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I’m in the market for an off road capable vehicle and wanted some opinions from people more versed in the subject than my self. I’ve found both of these vehicles locally but don’t know what the best decision is. This platform will be used for weekend camping and the occasional trail and will probably stay mostly stock.

2006 GX - Nearly perfect condition inside and out, 216k miles $8799

2005 Land Cruiser- 7-10 condition, 160k miles $11,999.

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Tough call! I'd opt for the one that checks out best mechanically. I don't think the 56k miles difference is huge IMO considering running gear is very similar and are both proven platforms.

If they are same mechanically, I'd ask myself if I could live with and/or fix the imperfections of the LC. If not, I'd go with the clean GX, but if I was comfortable putting a few bucks into the LC and some elbow grease, I'd probably go withe the LC and clean it up over time. LC's are only going to get more desirable over the years, I'm sure the GX will also, but will never have the clout as a "real" LC.

Can't go wrong with either, based on what your are wanting to do, I think they are both great platforms.

I can very close to getting a GX back in the day....cool rigs.
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If you're planning on taking it off road, consider getting the rear diff in the GX470 rebuilt with a solid pinion spacer. A high mileage 8" rear diff with the OEM crush spacer is likely to fail eventually if ran hard enough.


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What did you decide? One of my fishin' buddies got a 1999 100 LC yesterday and I am very swayed that direction but the GX is still pulling at me. A few more months of saving and I will have to make the decision.