07BlackSpecV's Junior Overland 2008 Nissan Xterra

If you can test ride a Fatboy I recommend it. It doesn't even really feel like riding a fatbike. I have a old 26er Specialized Hardrock that I have overly upgraded which is still serving duty as my mountain bike. Really gunning to upgrade to a 2018 Stumpjumper Carbon Comp at the end of the year but we will see.
Rode one of those stumpjumper carbons and they are rad! So light and really good pedal efficiency, although coming from a downhill bike I guess anything has "good" pedal efficiency lol! I'll have to give one of those fat tires a go though.
Alright, got my OME HD suspension from the great folks down at OK4WD. They even assembled for a minimal cost and shipped everything for free.

by Jordan Schutt, on Flickr

by Jordan Schutt, on Flickr

Also, modded my snorkel a bit...
by Jordan Schutt, on Flickr

Just kidding, that was me shamelessly post whoring my wife and I's most recent value proposition. I have wanted an Aston Martin since I was 9 years old and told myself for the last 20 years that by the time I was 30 I'd like to at least be in the market for one. Well...we went on vacation in Florida for a week of hanging out on the beach and driving around in our Rubicon with the doors and top off and one followed us home. Pretty crazy.
Dude that is awesome! Great looking car. And you will like the OME suspension. I just pulled off my OME gear but it has served me well.