07BlackSpecV's Junior Overland 2008 Nissan Xterra

For what it's worth, I believe the OME lift is advertised as being 1.5"-2" of lift. I swear when I bought my front medium duty springs in 2014 they were advertised as 1.75" lift. Regardless, even at 2" of lift you shouldn't be experiencing coil bucket contact. I have mine on Bilstein 5100's on the lowest setting with a PRG 1/4" spacers (1/2" lift) and have never had any issues with coil bucket contact with hundreds of miles off road.
Well, we really didn't get to travel this year but we have 3 smaller trips we are doing this fall. September's has already come and gone with a trip up to the Keweenaw Peninsula of Michigan for KOAR 2018 (Keweenaw Overland Adventure Retreat). It was the first year for this event and gave a easy opportunity for me to explore the Keweenaw a bit more than my trips to LSPR has allowed. Also, it gave my wife her introduction to the area and she quickly fell in love with it to. KOAR offered the opportunity for group rides as well as various classes. We mostly struck off on our own to see some sights, no particular reason, we just took the weekend at our own pace.

All packed up and ready to go.
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We have lift off.
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Setup at camp for our first night in the new setup. This was the first outing for the awning, RTT, and suspension.
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As usual, the Snow Peak mini lantern does a great job for out tent.
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Friday we headed up to Copper Harbor by way of Lake Lindon, Gay, and Loc Le Belle. Took a quick stop at the US41 Terminous.
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Then hit the trail to our true destination of the day, High Rock Bay.
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We bummed around some other locations I've been to before to show the wife around and then went back to Atlantic Mine to make camp.

Saturday we headed away from the Keweenaw to the Porcupine Mountains to check out Lake of the Clouds and Ontonagon. It was a little different than most everyone else at the event but we will be back in the Keweenaw in October for LSPR and I figured we'd catch a couple other locations then as well. Was not sure the next time we could make a quick, partial day trip to the Porcupines.

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We finished out the event with a talk about some recovery techniques from the American Adventurist.
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It was a fun but short weekend. I love Traverse City but the Keweenaw is my mistress.

The girls and I really liked sleeping in the RTT.
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Cannot wait to get back up there next month for LSPR, hoping to run back up to Copper Harbor Friday before Parc Expose as well as maybe the Mouth of the Huron on Saturday. After that, we already have our tickets for Expo East in November.
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